When To Expect Period After An Abortion?

What is known as post-abortion bleeding?
Each and every woman experience bleeding after having an abortion with an abortion pill online. Medical practitioner calls this as post-abortion bleeding. It is recommended to use pads during an abortion to track how much bleeding is occurring. There are 2 main types of abortion which are surgical and medical abortion. And period occurrence depends on the type of abortion as well as period of pregnancy. So let’s understand about the period after abortion.

When to expect the first bleeding after an abortion?

In the case of surgical abortion, a woman’s first period can be more concise than usual. The abortion process completely empties the uterus so there is no tissue to expel the fertility, due to this it can result in a light period. In the case of medical abortion, the first period after medical abortion can be longer than normal as the treatment uses hormones that can affect and change her cycle duration. This menstrual cycle can also be heavier as the body can have some additional tissue left to expel it after the procedure. Using big maxi pads during the 1st period after medical abortion can help to analyze the amount of blood that had loss.

What to expect in the second period?

The second period after a medical abortion is expected to return on how the period was earlier. That means, some women can find that it can take 2 or 3 cycles for their period to come back to normal. If this does not befall they should consult a medical practitioner. If a woman undergoes heavy bleeding soon after an abortion or pain which is not manageable then she can ask her practitioner to provide her an over the counter medication. The passing of blood clots in the size of lemon is normal during the post-abortion bleeding. If you observe blood clots in the regular period then discuss it with a doctor. Symptoms that include sweating, dizziness, nausea during or post-abortion can be normal. However, women can feel sometimes feel indistinct or have a high temperature should consult their physician. If a woman feels or observes any uncommon symptoms than speaking to a physician for reassurance is a good idea.


Abortions restart the normal menstrual cycle. Most women get their normal menstrual within 5-7 weeks after their abortion. The first menstrual cycle after medical abortion can be heavier and more abundant than before. However, the first menstrual cycle after a surgical abortion can be lighter and shorter. If in case a women’s period do not begin within 7-8 weeks after an abortion or comes back to normal within 3 months then consult a medical practitioner. These are a few important points one should keep in mind in regard to the menstrual cycle after a medical or surgical abortion.