What Should I Eat And Drink During the Abortion Procedure?

  Having a medical abortion with pills can come with a lot of queries such as where to buy abortion pills? How do I use the pills? What are the risk and complications of abortion pills? Etc. These questions are basic and require a little analysis ahead. However, among these questions, one important question arises during the abortion process is what food items to eat and drink during the abortion procedure? Continue reading “What Should I Eat And Drink During the Abortion Procedure?”

Food to avoid when you take abortion pill

Once you are on your medical abortion your body is generally going through various changes of experiencing termination as well as the nutritional burden of supporting a embryo, even after it’s terminated. Thus, your body must increase the consumption of vitamins, iron, calcium during this period and avoid the consumption of certain foods such as alcohol, grapefruit, etc.

So how the abortion procedure works and what food to avoid when you consume an abortion pills are discussed below.

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Why Abortion pills should be everywhere ?

Though the rules and regulations have changed for medical abortion, many people in society still disregard the process of pregnancy termination. They fail to understand the reasons. Most women shy away from buying abortion pills in the local pharma store. However, taking safe abortion pills online has helped them to opt for medical pregnancy termination freely.

This blog helps you understand why abortion pills should be made available everywhere. 

There are many reasons why women have to abort a pregnancy. Of course, opting for pregnancy termination should not indicate that you can be careless. However, you must make unwanted stand the situation of a woman who is facing an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy problem. Below reasons give a better view. 

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Early-stage pregnancy abortion methods

  It is easier to take an abortion decision if the pregnancy is in its early stages. Since ending the fetal or embryo phase of pregnancy is not complicated with abortion pills, most doctors suggest medical abortion for early pregnancy. Abortion procedures during early pregnancy are for the first trimester pregnancies, which are: (1) Medical Abortion and (2) Surgical Abortion. While one can have a medical abortion up to 9 weeks of gestation of pregnancy, a surgical abortion can be performed for pregnancies more than nine weeks of pregnancy. Continue reading “Early-stage pregnancy abortion methods”

Abortion Effectiveness in Early Pregnancy With MTP Kit Pill

  MTP kit is known to be one of the popular drugs for medical abortion in women. It came in demand after renown healthcare providers approved its use to end the unwanted pregnancy. However, some women are still unaware of the effectiveness of the kit. This blog aims to highlight how the MTP kit helps solve unwanted pregnancy problems. Any prior condition of liver and kidney difficulties can lead to future issues of complications. Furthermore, blood clotting diseases and uncontrollable bowel conditions even prove to be significant concerns if one has been diagnosed earlier. The medical history accounting for cell diseases and muscle dystrophy also should be treated with care and precaution.   Continue reading “Abortion Effectiveness in Early Pregnancy With MTP Kit Pill”