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Abortion Pill Pack

Abortion Pill Pack

Buy abortion pill pack online Mifepristone and Misoprostol

The abortion pill pack has 5 different pills; 2 of which are the prescribed abortifacients Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The other three pills are to relieve the symptoms of abortion namely.

  • Ondasetron/Zofran for nausea and vomiting tendencies
  • Flexon MR for abdominal pain and
  • Ethamsylate to regulate the flow of blood

The entire pack is recommended only for people who are within 10 weeks (70 days) of gestation.

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200mg/0.2mg (Abortion Pill Pack)
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Mode of action:

  • Mifepristone: This is the pill that primes the uterus and prepares it for the action of the next pill in the regimen. The action of the pregnancy-sustaining hormone, progesterone, is suppressed and the thickened uterine lining is thus disrupted. Due to this action, the implanted embryo is also separated and pregnancy fails to develop.
  • Misoprostol: This pill aids the expulsion of the pregnancy contents separated from the uterus through enhancing uterine contractility and dilation of the cervix
  • Ondasetron/Zofran: Serotonin is a natural substance that may cause nausea or vomiting sensations. The action of this substance is blocked by Zofran.
  • Flexon MR: Flexon MR is an anti-inflammatory pill and is thus able to control the abdominal pain cause due to the action of the abortion pills
  • Ethamsylate: Ethamsylate is a hemostatic agent which means it is an effective medicine to control bleeding from small capillaries and vessels in the body. It can thus regulate heavy flows in the abortion phase.


  • Mifepristone: On day 1, 200mg (1 pill) is taken orally with water.
  • Misoprostol: 800mcg (4pills) is taken 24-48hrs after Mifepristone either orally or vaginally.
  • Zofran: One pill must be taken orally when the individual feels nauseated
  • Flexon MR: One pill must be taken orally when the individual feels abdominal pain
  • Ethamsylate: One pill must be taken orally if the individual senses unmanageable bleeding

Expected symptoms:

The expected symptoms from the abortion pill regimen are vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramping and a feeling of fatigue or nausea. These are the same symptoms that are relieved by the other pills in the abortion pill pack.

Common side-effects:

  • Mifepristone: Diarrhea, constipation, body aches, fever (with or without chills), excessive and prolonged bleeding
  • Misoprostol: The common side effects of Misoprostol are similar to that of Mifepristone
  • Ondasetron/Zofran: May cause constipation, hiccups or rashes
  • Flexon MR: May cause indigestion and drowsiness
  • Ethamsylate: May cause fever in some cases

This is not a complete list. So, if you sense anything that you feel may be of immediate medical attention, kindly consult a medical practitioner.


You must not consume this medication if you are positive for any of the following

  • You are over 10 weeks pregnant
  • Your pregnancy is ectopic
  • You have been detected with an allergy for any of the drug components or to similar drugs
  • You have chronic health conditions like adrenal gland failure or heart issues
  • You regularly consume tobacco and/or alcohol
  • You are currently being treated for some other health condition
  • You are a breastfeeding woman
20 Mar 2019

By Connie Griggs-

I was bit worried about using abortions pill pack . I was 1 months pregnant . I got express delivery from safeabortionrx. They helped me through out the process like making order and payment. I got my tracking code in email and received the product successfully. Wonderful service. I am Happy more then expectation.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
09 Mar 2019

By Veronica Hibl-

Top quality Products and Quick shipping delivery .Prices are very competitive Very reliable supplier for Abortion pill.

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09 Mar 2019

By Caseyf Savage-

Amazing customer service from safeabortionrx. Advisers kept me informing about my payment and order status as it was my first order and also contacted me to inform me my order shipping date.

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09 Mar 2019

By Ashley Llanes-

My order arrived the next day, exactly as expected. Thanks for your help

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06 Mar 2019

By Sonny Annaguey-

A great place to buy your medical needs at great prices at reasonable price for women

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