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Before abortion

The abortion decision

  1. What is medical abortion?
    Medical abortion, also known as elective abortion, is the use of medication to end a pregnancy not more than 10 weeks old by disrupting pregnancy-induced contents and facilitating their complete expulsion through the vaginal opening.
  2. Is medical abortion safe?
    Medical abortion is completely safe under ideal conditions. It has a high efficiency rate if all the contraindications are duly considered and all the protocols properly followed.
  3. Is medical abortion for me?
    Medical abortion is for you if
    You are not over 70 days from your last period
    Your pregnancy is not ectopic i.e. it is not developing outside the uterus
    You havent previously undergone multiple abortions
    You arent allergic to the components of any of the abortifacients
    You do not have chronic health conditions or are not being treated for other medical issues
    You are not a breastfeeding woman
    You do not regularly consume alcohol or tobacco
  4. Which is the best abortion pill for me?
    Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two basic abortion pills. They are also available in the following trade names:
    Mifepristone: Generic RU-486, Mifeprex
    Misoprostol: Cytolog
    These pills can also be bought together in the required dosages as the MTP kit or the mtp kit. The MTP kit only has the two abortion pills. But the mtp kit also has 3 extra tablets to lessen nausea, cramping and bleeding that happens during abortion.
  5. What can I do to be prepared?
    To be prepared, you must read about the expected symptoms of abortion in detail. You must also look for moral support. Our website has a live chat service where medical professionals available 24x7 can guide you through all the procedures. It is also advised that you have a trusted acquaintance for any support that may be required.
    Women undergoing an abortion can also look for local support groups to overcome the grievances of the abortion-phase

Placing an order

  1. Do I have to register with an account first before placing an order?
    Yes, you will have to create an account with us by specifying all your personal details that will help us deliver your order.
  2. Will I need more than one abortion kit?
    You may need more than one abortion kit if you are over 6-7 weeks into pregnancy. It is advised that you order two kits at one go because delivery of the order may take time depending on your chosen shipment method.
  3. When will my order reach me?
    The order will reach you within the following specified timings based on the shipment method you choose
    Overnight Shipping Delivery time is 2-5 Business days.
    Express shipping: Delivery time is 8-10 days
    Regular shipping: Delivery time is 15-21 days
  4. How do I track my order?
    A unique tracking ID will be provided to you on confirmation of your order. This code will be active within the next 24hrs by which you can then track your order.
  5. How do I contact the support team?
    You can write to our support team at support@safeabortionrx.com For any other support you can also contact our professionals on the live chat team.

During abortion

  1. How do the pills work?
    The abortion pills work on a hormonal basis. The first pill in the regimen is an anti-progesterone that suppresses the action of the pregnancy sustaining hormone, progesterone, to disrupt the thickened uterus lining and separate the implanted embryo.
    The second pill in the regimen is a prostaglandin analog that enhances uterine contractility and dilates the cervix to aid an expulsion of these contents.
  2. How do I use the pills?
    On day one, you are expected to consume 200mg (1 pill) of the first drug orally with water. 24-48hrs after this you must take 800mcg (4 pills) of the second drug either orally or vaginally.
  3. What can I experience during an abortion?
    Bleeding and cramping are the inevitable symptoms of an abortion. Other common side effects may include the following .
    Nausea with vomiting sensations
    A feeling of fatigue with headaches
    Fever (with or without chills)
  4. How do I know if I have a complication?
    Aggravated and unmanageable symptoms of abortion signal a complication.
  5. Can I take other medicines during my abortion?
    While some medicines are known to interfere with the functioning or the abortion pills, some are okay to consume even in the abortion phase. You must convey your medical history to your physician who is prescribing you the abortion pills. Your healthcare expert will be able to tell you situation exactly.
  6. What are the dos and donts?
    Do not indulge in sexual intercourse until complete recovery and refrain from heavy physical activity. Avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco altogether.
    Keep a good health as your top priority and eat foods that replenish nutrient loss from the bleeding.

After abortion

  1. Was my abortion successful?
    The working of the drugs is indicated by bleeding and abdominal cramping. Post a successful abortion, the symptoms of pregnancy are also seen to taper. Some women may also observe the pregnancy contents pass although this is rare.
    It is best to undergo formal clinical assessments that measure the following to confirm a successful complete abortion.
    clinical symptoms during the abortion
    Persistent vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain
    Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG)
    Uterus observations made using imaging techniques
  2. How long will it take for me to recover?
    It takes up to 14 days for a woman to recover from abortion symptoms. The recovery period may however be influenced by a plethora of other factors and may thus be more or less than the above-specified average.