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Prescription Policy

  • All products listed on the website are prescription drugs and we strictly DO NOT dispense or sell them without a healthcare professional's advice slip or a valid medical prescription
  • The prescription is to be scanned and uploaded to the website for completion of your order within the following specified times according to your chosen shipment method i.e
    Overnight shipping and express shipping services:The time is 24hrs
    Regular shipping service: The time is 5 days
    Failing in doing so will result in the cancellation of your order.
  • The uploaded prescription should be in English and not any other language.
  • We agree to maintain patient's confidentiality when collecting information from the prescription. No sensitive information from it will be used to pursue personal advantage.
  • If you feel that the medication is an urgent necessity for you and do not have a prescription, please contact our healthcare experts on the live chat or support team. They may help you with the possible outcome.
  • Our all products are FDA certified and approved so you do not need to hesitate while buying abortion pills from our website. If you have queries then you can ask our experts on live chat.