Some General Questions About Medication Abortion?

What is abortion with pills?

There are basically two types of abortion one is surgical abortion and the other one is medical abortion. Women can choose either medical or surgical based on their pregnancy period. Such as if the pregnancy period is within 9 weeks then the lady can go for medical abortion. After 9-10 weeks it is advised to go for surgical abortion to avoid complications.

What is medication abortion?

In medical abortion, the process is carried out with 2 pills named as Mifepristone 200 mg and Misoprostol 800 mcg. If you are eligible for medical abortion then your medical practitioner will suggest you buy Abortion pills online. Once you get the pills you have to take the medicine as prescribed by your medical practitioner.

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How Does Abortion Affect Sex Life And Relationship?

Abortion is a very miserable thing being it mentally or physically. Regardless of whether the unplanned pregnancy was induced or unintentional, everything has a fallout since your body is modified in a particular way depending upon how much old the pregnancy was. It also affects some relationships and their sex life negatively or positively. It is totally upon you and your partner on how they handle and react to abortion. Continue reading “How Does Abortion Affect Sex Life And Relationship?”

When Is The Right Time To Have Sex After An Abortion?

Sex After An Abortion
When talking about how soon you should have sex after an abortion there are several facts to consider. This is because many women have a different experience in the loss of the child some get depressed and some do abortion consciously. Thus, the psychological effects of all women may differ. It is sufficient to take a gap of at least 1 week after taking the cytolog pill to have physical relations. Right after the aborting procedure, the cervix remains somewhat open, and thus there is a huge risk of infection if you have sex at this time. Continue reading “When Is The Right Time To Have Sex After An Abortion?”