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Worried about an unplanned pregnancy?


If you made an abortion decision, Safeabortionrx.com is here for your support. We help you in every way possible to have a successful pregnancy termination.We provide prescribed safe abortion pills online with all the information you need about medical abortion.


Safeabortionrx.com is here for your support

Your well-being is our priority. The medical professionals on our live chat facility will be happy to answer your questions 24x7. Our support team is always there to assist you with any problem you may have with our services.

Quality Products

All medications that we provide are FDA approved.

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Our products reach you in well sealed packs.

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We ship to all places where medical abortion is permissible.

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Our health experts are available on the live chat 24x7.

What is Medical Abortion With Pills ?

Medical abortion with the help of abortion pills refers to terminating an unwanted pregnancy by consuming drugs such as Mifeprex and Cytolog. It is often considered an unwanted pregnancy solution for pregnancies up to 9 weeks of gestation.

It is a non-invasive method where abortion pills are consumed to stop the pregnancy and expel fetal contents from the body. Medical abortion is often a 2-week process which comes with its perks and cons. The side effects, however, are temporary and do not have a long term impact on the body.

Women who wish to end the pregnancy can get medical information about the drug on various women reproductive healthcare websites who offer safe abortion pills and services to women around the world.

Safeabortionrx is one such website which also has a team of women health psychologists who provide women with information about unwanted pregnancy and help them understand how to deal with the situation.

To find the best abortion pills online, you should understand the online pharmacy and check if it is genuine with good reviews and trusted brand pills such as MTP kit, Mifeprex and Cytolog.

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Safeabortionrx Latest Reviews

We request feedback from our patients so that others reading them can feel comforted and know what they must be prepared for at the same time

MTP Kit is the best and affordable for ending an unwanted pregnancy easily.

- maddie

The delivery was on time. I thought I would miss my week and become late for medical abortion but the overnight shipping saved me thanks safeabortionrx.com

- sarah .k

Hi, thanks a lot for sharing the information. It is very useful. I had a successful abortion.

- Jade

It was a simple process, I took Mifeprex and 24 hours later I took cytolog. And the bleeding started. After 3 days the bleeding began to slow down and the process came to end. After 15 days when I did the pregnancy test, it came negative. Thanks a lot.

- Hannah K

Keep a bunch of sanitary pads with you as the bleeding is very severe. I was in complete bed for 3 days. After the bleeding got slowed down I began to feel good and my pregnancy symptoms were going. After 15 days I did the pregnancy test which came negative. Medical abortion is really easy and worth it.

- Jane

Cytolog abortion pill is very effective. I took it on my 5th week and within one hour the bleeding started. Highly recommended.

- Iris

I was running through 7 weeks so I opted for overnight shipping, it cost me extra but I got the pills delivered within 2 days. I took the pills and my abortion started successfully. Thanks a lot.

- Julia k

As i was pregnant and looking for the help on my phone, got to know about this website that they keep information safety and make free from unexpected pregnancy. Great to find them on internet the cost and process both were quick and easy.

- danielle

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