What Is Medical Abortion Is It Painful?

Realizing that you’re unexpectedly pregnant is terrifying especially when you are not ready, so it’s totally natural to consider the pros and cons of each option. We are here to give you an exact and honest guide to every single thing you need to know about an abortion pill including everything that makes the medical abortion pill painful and the level of pain you might observe if you choose to take it. Let’s go through some frequently asked questions about medical abortion.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a type of abortion where women’s pregnancy is terminated with the help of abortion pills. You are required to consume the abortion pills as recommended by the medical practitioner. Continue reading “What Is Medical Abortion Is It Painful?”

What Are The Possible Risk Of Taking The Abortion Pill?

  Are you thinking of medical abortion with an abortion pill and uncertain of the possible risks? An unplanned pregnancy can be risky, most women usually take this decision to abort when they are devastated or stressed. While the abortion pill is commonly known, most women are not aware of the possible risk and how to overcome them. So in this blog, we will understand the potential risk of an abortion pill. After you buy abortion pill kit online it is advised to go through the reference guide mentioned on the kit or visit the nearby medical expert for assistance so that you do not face problems after taking the abortion pills. However, some potential risk which a woman can experience after taking the abortion pills are as follows: Continue reading “What Are The Possible Risk Of Taking The Abortion Pill?”

Can I Breastfeed If I Take The Abortion Pill?

  Certain women struggle with an unplanned pregnancy while they are already having a small baby. In this case, women are breastfeeding so they have a concern, whether to breastfeed the baby while having an abortion pill. So in this blog, we will study on taking an abortion pill while breastfeeding.

What is the abortion pill and how to intake it?

The abortion pill is a familiar name for a Medicine called Mifepristone andCytolog. It is the Mifepristone abortion pill you take to end your pregnancy and the Cytolog pill begins the abortion process. Pregnancy requires hormones called progesterone to develop. However, Mifepristone inhibits the body’s own progesterone leading to the pregnancy end and Cytolog helps to discharge the pregnancy. Both medicines are available in combination with a kit called MTP Kit. You can easily buy MTP Kit online. Continue reading “Can I Breastfeed If I Take The Abortion Pill?”

What Should A Woman Expect After Administering Abortion Pills?

  Abortion is a general experience. It’s expected that about 1 in every 5 pregnancies worldwide end their pregnancy in abortion. In some countries, 1 in 4 is unplanned pregnancies and about 2 in 6 ends in abortion. Most of the women will have an abortion by the age of 45. Generally, there are 2 types of abortion one is medical abortion and the other is surgical abortion. Medical abortion is done with the help of abortion pills in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy after 9 weeks it is suggested to go for a surgical abortion to avoid complications. It’s also important for a woman to know what to expect after pregnancy termination thus, we will learn on what to expect after taking a safe abortion pill. Continue reading “What Should A Woman Expect After Administering Abortion Pills?”

What Is Medical Abortion And What Should You Expect?

The abortion pill induces cramping and vaginal bleeding that stays for several hours or more. You can stay at home or wherever you feel more comfortable. Plan your schedule and take it easy for the day as you may require rest after you take the abortion pill.

How does medical abortion work? 

The abortion pill process has certain steps that include 2 different medicines. First, you take the Mifepristone pill. Mifepristone is also known as Generic Ru486 so you can buy Generic Ru486 online This pill hinders pregnancy from developing. Some women feel nauseous or observe bleeding after taking Mifepristone, however, it’s not common. 

The second pill is known as Misoprostol. You need to take Misoprostol after 24 hours of taking the Mifepristone, up to 48 hours. This pill causes bleeding and cramping to empty your uterus.

Continue reading “What Is Medical Abortion And What Should You Expect?”