Complete Your Abortion using Medical Method

Abortion with Medical Pills


Among several common reasons of abortion all over the globe, the major reason for an abortion is when a pregnancy is unplanned. These type of situations demand the use of abortion pills. Women often rely on abortion pill online FDA approved, to get into the safer side of the process. Terminating a pregnancy, mostly in the teenager is not easy and it is required to use the right combination of pills within the right time frame. The first pill, Generic Mifepristone is available in various brands like Mifeprex, and RU-486, which can be obtained online. Continue reading “Complete Your Abortion using Medical Method”

During Medical Abortion Work from Home is Better Care for Women

Work during Medical Abortion


Buying abortion pills online is a medical method of terminating a pregnancy. Online pharmacies offer a lot of procedures where the general population gets to view the merits and demerits of the process. A lot of abortion pills at an affordable price is available online, where women can choose from. The reliability is large because the method of termination is preferably an easy and safe one. Confidentiality also tends to be a large factor in the process. Although the process accounts to have been quite reliable, some measures are needed to be taken to undergo the process.

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Medical Termination of Pregnancy in Canada

pregnancy termination


Canada is one such state in the US that has a fairly non-restrictive abortion law. Canada Health Act doesn’t prosecute to any such criminal law for abortion processes. Subsequently, in 1969, the state liberalized the law against the termination of pregnancy. Consequently, one can buy abortion pill online with various effective methods in place in the subsequent state. Currently, the country is doing quite well without any ban on abortion law. Since the past decade, the people over in Canada are into buying abortion pills without any kind of limitations affected in law and order.  Continue reading “Medical Termination of Pregnancy in Canada”

Can Having More Than One Abortion is Safe For Women Health

Info on Multiple abortion


While most women are informed and buy Abortion Pills online to terminate an early unwanted pregnancy, they are unaware as till how many months a subsequent abortion is possible again. The body recovers in a tough phase and is usually into mending tissues that got the abortion done. Consequently, getting an unwanted pregnancy again is a matter of risk and using abortion pills second or third time needs further research.  Continue reading “Can Having More Than One Abortion is Safe For Women Health”

Many Women Use Abortion Pill to Have Self-Induce Pregnancy Termination At Home

Self-Induce Pregnancy


Women on a large scale are adopting techniques to terminate a pregnancy on their own. With the advent of pills of misoprostol and mifepristone since the 1980s, there has been a large use of techniques largely to avoid a clinical visit. Abortion pills online are the most preferred way for women who are opting for the self-induced processes. Whether taken in a health care center or at home by women, to buy abortion pills is always the regimen followed by 90 percent of the population.  Continue reading “Many Women Use Abortion Pill to Have Self-Induce Pregnancy Termination At Home”

How to Abort An Unwanted Pregnancy Using Abortion Pills

Abort an unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills


Abortion can be performed in two ways. Surgical and medical. The abortion performed with the help of abortion pills is called medical abortion. Buy abortion pills, here, is meant a drug combination. We’ll learn about various approved pill combinations of medical pregnancy termination and how they end an unwanted pregnancy.


There are two types of pills. (1) antiprogesterone (2) prostaglandin


What are the FDA approved abortion pills which can be used to abort an early and unwanted pregnancy?

In the first type,

  • Mifepristone
  • Generic RU 486
  • Mifeprex

In the second type,

  • Misoprostol
  • Cytolog

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What Should You Eat And Drink While You are Taking The Abortion Pills

Thing to eat & drink while taking buy abortion pills


Women health mechanism is complex. When you buy abortion pills and administer them, they carefully remove pregnancy contents from your body through hormonal changes made. There are no restrictions on the food intake during the medical abortion procedure. You can eat food and drink fluids as per your normal meals. That said, it is always advised to eat light to let the medicines function smoothly in your body. Also, you may wish to eat light and drink more fluids due to the Misoprostol pills after effects such as nausea, vomiting etc. We’ll see in this blog what you should eat and what you should not.  Continue reading “What Should You Eat And Drink While You are Taking The Abortion Pills”

Online Medication is the Future of Medical Abortion Care

Future of Placing Order online


Pregnancy termination has remained an issue of shame and disgust. That said, with time and awareness about the importance of an abortion in a woman’s life is contributing to the changing the perception of people. Medical abortion is a terminating an unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills. There are a couple of websites which offer medical abortion pills.  Continue reading “Online Medication is the Future of Medical Abortion Care”

Bleeding During Medical Abortion

When should you expect to bleed


The bleeding during a medical abortion process is always a concern for women. When you buy MTP kit or other drug combination to end an unwanted pregnancy, you experience heavy vaginal bleeding. One must monitor this bleeding pattern which occurs during the procedure. It helps in understanding your body well and alerts you in advance if there’s any complication.


Why do women bleed during the process of medical abortion?

Misoprostol in the drug combination contains prostaglandin elements in it which cause uterine contraction. This results in abdomen cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding. This is essentially to eject pregnancy contents from the body.  Continue reading “Bleeding During Medical Abortion”

What Does it Feel like to Have a Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion & its experience


Medical abortion is often portrayed as the most terrible experience, which may not be the case always. In an interview with Kacie Goodman who happens to be from Russia, SafeAbortionRx discovered that an abortion experience can be a rebirth of the woman. Let’s hear her story!

Why did you take the abortion decision?

Our contraception protection had failed. Both of us were helpless. We thought we have jumped into a dreadful fire. We were not married, we both were facing financial constraints since the huge loss in our business and we already had pressure to come out of this situation and responsibilities towards our team.  We thought that night would relieve our stress we turned out to be the other way round. Nevertheless, both of us being businesspersons, we thought of crisis management. Abortion was the best option we had before us.  Continue reading “What Does it Feel like to Have a Medical Abortion”