Medical Abortion Stories Women Share Their Experiences

Sharing Abortion Experience

The perspective of people about medical termination of pregnancy can be different. This piece of the article shares some experiences of women who underwent medical abortion procedure as they were stuck in different circumstances.

Abortion Stories

Amelie Howells

It was after I celebrated my first valentines night. I lost my virginity that night. I didn’t know that my valentines celebration would take me to the bedroom. I guess we both weren’t prepared. It was all spontaneous. When I came to know, we both panicked but I had read about medical abortion on SafeAbortionRx website quite a few months ago. So I decided to order pills from this online pharmacy. The procedure was completely new for us. I didn’t even have any person to ask how the procedure would be. And if it is going to be painful. The only reliable person at that point in time was the live chat person! Honestly, the team did help me really well. I am only 22 and yet I could abort the pregnancy without anyone’s help was the best thing about me and my boyfriends’ experience. Continue reading “Medical Abortion Stories Women Share Their Experiences”