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Shipping Policy

Availability and restrictions:

  • We DO NOT ship to regions where the use of our products is restricted.
  • As a part of our health safety measures, we also DO NOT take orders from customers who are positive for any of the contraindications for our products.
  • If your shipping address is different from the billing address, please mention the same when you order.
  • Please note that we do not accept cancellation or refund requests for orders with a wrong address or in case of unavailability of a person to collect the order.
  • Our shipping charges and available methods vary according to your shipping address and products ordered. This will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

Estimated shipping time:

The following are the shipping methods that we avail you:

  1. Overnight Shipping
    Delivery time is 2-5 Business days.
    Order is shipped domestically in the US
    There is no involvement of customs
  2. Express shipping:
    Delivery time is 8-10 days
    Order is shipped from UK to its destination
    The product will have to be approved by the customs department of your country
  3. Regular shipping:
    Delivery time is 15-21 days
    Order is shipped from other locations to its destination
    The product will have to be approved by the customs department of your country.
    The estimated shipping time is exclusive of weekends
    Occasional delay in delivery might occur due to the postpone of custom approvals or other unforeseen circumstances. No refund or cancellation can be requested in these cases

Shipment confirmation and order tracking:

  • The placed order is dispatched within 2hrs in case of an overnight delivery and within 48hrs in case of express and regular shipping methods.
  • You will receive an order confirmation on your registered email address along with a tracking code that will be active in 24-48hrs of order placement
  • Shipped products cannot be put forth for refund or cancellation.


  • We assure you discreet packaging for the products you receive. In the case of damaged products, we offer re-shipping at no extra charges but DO NOT process a refund.
  • Please save all packaging materials and damaged products until order is reshipped.