Is the abortion pill dangerous?

  It is obvious to doubt medications that claim easy abortion at home. However, the simpler the process seems, the safer the abortion pills are. If you have concerns related to risks associated with abortion pills, you can speak to your healthcare provider or get online consultation to which will help you clear the air. This blog helps you understand how abortion pills are safe to consume and end an unwanted pregnancy.

What are abortion pills?

Abortion pills are medications used for ending an early and unwanted pregnancy in the first trimester. The pills include anti-progesterone medicines such as Mifepristone, Mifeprex, or Generic 486. You can take any one of the previously mentioned medications. Similarly, abortion pills also include medicines such as Misoprostol and Cytolog. Both are equally effective if you take them properly. Four pills of either of the pills help remove pregnancy tissues from the body easily. Women should note that none of the pills are taken alone to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. If you want to abort a pregnancy, you have to take anti-progesterone medicine along with prostaglandin pills. Since the pills are considered safe, you can easily buy cytolog online or any other pill, which is mentioned earlier. The effectiveness of all of them is the same.

How do they impact your body?

As hormonal changes are made in the body, the body expels fetal tissues through vaginal bleeding. The changes are temporary, and the body comes back to normal once the pregnancy tissues are removed. When the components make hormonal changes in the body, you feel intense cramping sensation in the abdominal area while you also start bleeding within 24 hours. These two after-effects are important to complete the pregnancy termination procedure. Along with the symptoms of medical abortion, there are also a few side effects which you encounter while on the pills. It includes vomiting, nauseous feeling, diarrhea, fever, bloated breasts, headache, etc. However, these side effects do not have a permanent impact on the body. A woman completes the medical abortion procedure in 7-8 days.

Fertility and future pregnancies:

Pregnancy termination medications or the abortion process does not have any impact on the fertility or even the future pregnancies either. After you undergo the medical abortion procedure, all the side effects abortion pills go away. Similarly, the menstrual cycle comes back to what it was before terminating the unwanted pregnancy. Hence, you ovulate normally and have a normal pregnancy. If there are any complications in the future pregnancy, the same may not have any correlation with the medical pregnancy termination done in the past.

Medical abortion risks:

The complications in the medical abortion process include incomplete termination of pregnancy. This is also a rare case and hence need not be worried about. You can speak to your healthcare provider about the reason for incomplete medical abortion. In most cases, doctors suggest repeating the Cytolog dosage, which helps women remove pregnancy tissues from the body and complete the process. Do not consume additional abortion pills without informing your doctor. Overdose may involve health complications. Abortion pills are generally safe to consume and end the pregnancy successfully if you use them correctly.