How Soon After an Abortion Can You Get Pregnant

Pregnancy after abortion

Most women who get their pregnancy ended are not always against getting pregnant or raising a child. At some point in time, they wish to get pregnant again. However, an abortion experience can make them anxious while trying to get pregnant again. If you are wondering if is it hard to get pregnant after abortion, it is not.

This blog sheds light on pregnancy after an abortion experience.

What happens to your body after an abortion?

Whichever method you choose for terminating your pregnancy, you get back your fertility soon after you undergo the pregnancy termination procedure. When you plan to conceive soon after your abortion procedure, what matters the most is how you performed the procedure. Hence, whenever choosing abortion clinics for your pregnancy termination surgery, make sure it’s genuine and safe to undergo. Same is the case with medical abortion. Since a lot of women choose an online pharmacy option to buy abortion pill kit online, it is advised that they choose it wisely after reviewing the website thoroughly. It is equally important to ensure that you have understood the whole procedure as with medical abortion, it is you who administers the pills and undergo the procedure on your own.

How long does it usually take to get pregnant?

You get your menstrual periods within a month or two. Do not mistake the post-medical-abortion bleeding for your menstrual bleeding. The bleeding involved in the process is a result of prostaglandin components in the abortion medicine which help remove the pregnancy contents from the body. In both methods of abortion, physicians advise not to immediately have sexual intercourse to avoid any kind of infection or other health concerns that may arise. The risks of infection are more with the case of surgical termination of pregnancy. You can begin trying to conceive within 2 weeks after your menstruation begins. Learn your ovulation period and plan your pregnancy accordingly. Its success may vary as per individual.

How does medical abortion impact your future pregnancy?

The side effects of medical abortion are temporary in nature and hence none of them affect your future pregnancy. There’s isn’t enough material on how medical abortion can result in complications in pregnancy. Also, women who have had medical termination of pregnancy in the past were able to conceive with a normal pregnancy & its delivery. There’s were rare cases of ectopic pregnancy which showed no correlation with the procedure of medical abortion.

When is it safe to get pregnant after an abortion

Any time that you are physically and emotionally ready to conceive is perhaps the best time to get pregnant after an abortion. You are as fertile as you were before even though you have had a pregnancy termination experience. Similarly, if you do not wish to get pregnant, soon after an abortion, you should not forget to use contraception when getting involved in sexual activities. If compared between surgical abortion and medical abortion, there are fewer chances of pregnancy complication in medical abortion cases.