What is the Best Age To Get Pregnant

Right age for Pregnancy

There’s no specific “best” age for getting pregnant because pregnancy is more than a physical thing. You have to be physically, emotionally and mentally ready to raise a baby and start a family. The average age of first pregnancy in the US is said to be 25. While family planning is important, an unwanted pregnancy situation occurs without alarming you before. Online internet pharmacy store safeabortionrx helps women know their options if they get into unwanted pregnancy situation.

Age Group: 20-24

This is a period when you’re most fertile. Your menstruation is most likely to be regular and ovulatory. The chances of getting pregnant are more with unprotected sexual intercourse. Having said that, this is an age where women are emotionally unprepared to raise a baby and hence prefer taking pregnancy prevention measures while having sexual intercourse.

Age Group 25-29

If you are maintaining your diet & health, you remain most fertile in this phase too. Staying fit especially helps to be in shape even after delivery. It is believed that getting pregnant and starting in this age group can decrease the chances of breast cancer. In terms of emotions, earlier this age group was known to as family-to-be group. However, today’s woman endeavors to be financially settle in her late 20’s. As a result there’s a slight shift in the age group at which women start their family. If you unintentionally conceive, instead of cursing your fate or decisions, you can start looking for a solution quickly. Most women with an unwanted pregnancy prefer to buy abortion pills and undergo an abortion procedure at home.

After  Group  30:

Fertility of a woman begins to decline as she crosses 30. Since this is a gradual process, it, of course, does not happen overnight. If you are trying to get pregnant at this age, you can consider speaking to your doctor to know your ovulation period. There are slightly lower chances of normal pregnancies. Having said that, if you’re looking after your health, you will not face any problem in getting pregnant. Since women in this age group are mostly married and almost settling in their life, they plan to start their family.

Age group 35-39

The rate at which fertility declines at this age group is steep. Women can face difficulties in getting pregnant. Women who are completely fit and healthy are no exception for this case. Hence, medical experts suggest begin trying at the earliest if you wish to become pregnant while in falling in this age group.

After 40 age group:

Most women reach their perimenopause phase as they cross 40. You are least fertile during this stage. Even if you get pregnant, the risks and complexity involved in this age group can be high. If you are in a phase where women are expected to be fertile and still facing problems in conceiving, you should consult a doctor. It should not take longer than a year to get pregnant. Seek help if you are struggling despite trying for more than 12 months.