Why do women choose abortion?

Women shouldn’t be the sole decision maker on whether to raise a child. Nevertheless, if things aren’t that promising, clinical or medical abortion can be opted depending on the circumstances of the process. To be on the safer side, it is often advisable to buy abortion pill online and use it in prescribed time limits to avoid any complications. Further, online pharmacies offer MTP Kit which has a better chance to avoid and be sure of any leak after a sexual intercourse has been done.  So what exactly triggers women to choose a step? Definitely these terminological reasons serve no such direct cause of medical abortion, still gives an understanding of the circumstances that lead to abortion.

Financial Strain:  Majority of women across the globe have issues of gaining a financial grip for raising their child. Consequently, an unplanned pregnancy termination lies solely on the status of the couple or woman (if single). A couple, mostly who are young are yet to build a sustainable lifestyle of their own, so upbringing becomes a major issue with monetary problems, which makes a way for an abortion.

Woman’s sole right:  This is cumulative of all the reasons that account for an abortion. As such, this justifies a woman’s decision of whether she wants to raise a child or clinically abort the fetus. Moreover, the fetus resides inside her body, whether to raise or not to raise is also decided by the body’s power to adopt changes. Although the partner’s consent is of absolute importance when it comes to abortion, this reason is highly controversial.

Unhealthy Mother:  Let’s admit it, an unhealthy mother can never raise a healthy fetus. Since the beginning of pregnancy, a woman’s placenta releases food for the developing baby inside the womb. Accordingly, if she is not capable of being in a sound health it is nearly impossible to withstand the changes in course of 9 months. Therefore, unhealthy mothers should be encouraged to take a decision of their own, as it can largely affect the future health of the baby.

Singlehood:  As discussed earlier, a single mother has the sole right to opt for an abortion. Several reasons can pile up to haunt a single mother whose partner has left willingly or due to some reasons. Additionally, during a pregnancy, the body undergoes several changes that need emotional as well as a physical support to sustain. While sexual intercourse happens between a male and a female, the consequences are faced solely by the female. Hence, a single mother is capable and justified to abort a fetus in the early stage of an unplanned pregnancy.

Fearing the social norms:  Often in countries where premarital sex is considered as a taboo, women fear the defamation that results after an unplanned pregnancy has taken place. Nevertheless, conceiving a child before marriage can be also illegal in some parts of the globe, where consequences faced can be lethal. Conversely, using abortion just after there is a sign of pregnancy can be useful in tackling such upshots. Aborting a fetus is a major impediment when it comes to physical stress. Knowing about it beforehand, while taking precautionary measures still, don’t help women tackle the pre and post-abortion effects.