Libido and sexual health in women

sexual health in women

Intimacy is an important part of human life. Unfortunately, it is also among the most stigmatized and least discussed topics. Since most bodily functions related to sexual behavior and health are hormone-driven, their understanding is rendered complex. It makes people incapable of understanding their own bodies. This is especially true with women. While inadequate education about these matters is to blame in part, it is also the inaccessibility to reproductive health services like the abortion pill that can be accounted for. Most women remain unaware of the choices they have to deal with different issues they face throughout their life. This blog aims at helping you understand what determines your sexual health and desires.

Reproductive health: A hormonal play

A state of well-being that facilitates pleasure during sexual activity indicates a good reproductive or sexual health. The influences to this may be social, psychological or even physical. Sexual desire may fade off if any one of these is whacked. However, a majority of the influences are physiological. The hormonal cycles that run in the body after a woman hits puberty regulate sexual desires, conception and the ability of a woman to carry a full term.

Estrogen is the primary female hormone. It regulates the menstrual cycle. Levels of estrogen can have a big impact on your sexual desire. With age, the level of estrogen in a female’s body decreases and so does her desire for intimacy. Another hormone testosterone, that is generally thought of as a male hormone, is also associated with female reproductive health. It contributes to bodily reactions like arousal. Progesterone, another typically female hormone, regulates the ability of the body to support a possible pregnancy. Its levels rhythmically increase every cycle to prepare the body for conception by thickening the uterus lining.

In addition to these biochemical forces at work, a woman’s expectations, past experiences and other components of her mental setting shape her sexuality. She must also maintain good health of her reproductive organs by eating the right food, staying active and taking precautions like contraception to prevent an infection.

What happens during an intercourse?

A satisfying sexual intercourse results in the production of a chemical substance called oxytocin. This substance is known to be a natural pain and stress reliever. Orgasm from accumulated sexual excitement results in the release of endorphins that are instant mood-boosters. So, regular sexual intercourse and a maintained reproductive health can indeed keep you happier in life.

However, sometimes things may progress in the spur of the moment and you haven’t taken the necessary precautions, you may develop an unintended pregnancy. In that case, you can read about and buy MTP kit online. The MTP kit is the combination of pills available for medical termination of pregnancy and can be used for an early-detected conception. Such services have been made more accessible and affordable through online pharmacies. Although they need minimal clinical supervision, they must be taken only after a prescription.

How do I maintain my sexual health?

  • If you are a sexually active individual, it is necessary that you use contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. There are many contraceptive measures available like birth control pills, implantable uterine devices and wearable female and male condoms. Condoms can also keep you from acquiring an STD (sexually transmitted disease)
  • You must maintain proper hygiene. You need not use soap or douches to clean the pubic region. Female vaginas have a self-cleaning mechanism. Simply cleaning the area regularly with a wet towel and drying it must be enough. During menstrual periods, women must change their pads/tampons regularly as warm moist areas can cause the spread of infections.
  • Lastly, a woman must stay active and eat healthy nutritious foods. Fast food, unhygienic junk food, and high-calorie dishes make her drowsy and fatigued. A good amount of vitamin and mineral intake will keep her energetic throughout the day

Women must take efforts to learn about and understand their body as this will help them bring any abnormal condition to immediate medical attention before it advances to secondary and more severe illnesses.