What method is best to abort the first pregnancy?

What method is best to abort the first pregnancy?

An uneventful pregnancy is undoubtedly a nightmare no woman wants to see. However, the failure of contraception could result in unwanted pregnancy circumstances, and we have to dave reality. There’s no specific method for terminating the ‘first’ pregnancy. Whichever way you choose to end the pregnancy, ensure you perform it in the right manner. Also, multiple pregnancy terminations should be avoided. Use contraceptives to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. 

 Speaking of the best method, there are two abortion methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. This blog helps you understand which method could be the best method to perform safe pregnancy termination. 

 Medical abortion: 

 Medical abortion is a non-invasive method of pregnancy termination 

You can buy abortion pills online to end the early pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation. 

The combination such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol makes hormonal changes in the body and removes pregnancy tissues from the body. 

The procedure can take around a week or two. 

Cramps and bleeding are the symptoms that indicate the abortion is getting complete.

Surgical Abortion: 

 You can abort a pregnancy with a suction or dilation method. 

You are required to go to the clinic and get the surgery done. 

Surgical abortions are generally performed for pregnancies between 9 weeks to 21 weeks. 

It takes around a few hours to perform surgical pregnancy termination. 

Which abortion method is for you? 

 The medical abortion method is for women who have a normal pregnancy with up to 9 weeks of gestation. 

For a woman with a low budget for abortion, the medical method is suggested. 

While for a surgical abortion, one has to go to the clinic, you can have medical termination of pregnancy at home using abortion pills. 

If you wish to maintain the privacy, you can have a self-abortion with pill combination such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Under this method, you do not have to rely on doctors to end the pregnancy. 

Since surgical abortion is expensive, most women prefer ending their pregnancy using the therapeutic method of abortion. 

Surgical abortion centers may not be available in every region, but one can buy abortion pills online from e-pharmacies and end their pregnancy at home. 

As said before, there’s no best abortion method as such, however, depending on your requirements and choices, you can choose the method for ending an unplanned pregnancy. It should be noted that both types of pregnancy termination are safe, and more chances of success if performed correctly.