Can abortion pill be the option if contraception fails

can abortion pill be the option if contraception fails


Contraception pills are hormonal birth control medications that are taken to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. However, if some cases such as (1) the pills are ineffective (2) there’s a gap in the dose (3) The woman had sexual intercourse on the day when the birth control pill pack was started, etc. women may have chances of getting pregnant. Hence, it becomes important to understand the right method of administering any medication. 

This blog explains if abortion pills can help in case of contraceptive failure. 

If contraception pills fail, abortion is often an option women think of. For such women, women there are two options. Women must know which week of pregnancy they are into. Abortion pills are made for early pregnancy termination. Unlike the case in surgical abortion which can be done on pregnancies gestation up to 21 weeks, abortion pills work only on pregnancies with up to 63 days gestation. 

Hence, it is important to check the week of pregnancy when you come to know that you are pregnant. For the first trimester unwanted pregnancy, abortion pills are something you can always count on if contraception pills fail. 

There are many women who buy abortion pill kit online when they come to know about their birth control pill failure. Successful pregnancy termination cases are many. On interviewing, one of the women said that the efficacy of abortion pills and its cheap price made them rely on the medication when the contraception failed.

When you order abortion pill online, ensure that the pills are arriving before you cross the 9th week of pregnancy. Once you receive the medicines, you can take the Mifepristone abortion pill and then Misoprostol abortion pill after 24 hours. 

 Abortion pills have constituents such as anti-progesterone and prostaglandin which make hormonal changes in the body to end the pregnancy. First, the hormonal changes make the pregnancy development stop. Later, they make contractions in the lining of the uterus. 

As a result, the woman encounters cramping in the abdomen area and this is followed by heavy vaginal bleeding. You can check if the pregnancy termination is successful with the help of a pregnancy test. You can trust the abortion pill online if the e-pharmacy you are buying from is genuine and reliable. The pregnancy termination pills work best when they are effective and taken in the correct manner. Speak to your healthcare provider to know more about the medical abortion method and its impact on the body.