Some General Questions About Medication Abortion?

What is abortion with pills?

There are basically two types of abortion one is surgical abortion and the other one is medical abortion. Women can choose either medical or surgical based on their pregnancy period. Such as if the pregnancy period is within 9 weeks then the lady can go for medical abortion. After 9-10 weeks it is advised to go for surgical abortion to avoid complications.

What is medication abortion?

In medical abortion, the process is carried out with 2 pills named as Mifepristone 200 mg and Misoprostol 800 mcg. If you are eligible for medical abortion then your medical practitioner will suggest you buy Abortion pills online. Once you get the pills you have to take the medicine as prescribed by your medical practitioner.

Is medical abortion safe? What is the possible risk?

Using abortion pills to end early-stage pregnancy (less than 63 days counting from the initial day of the last regular period) is remarkably safe. Using Mifepristone in combination with Misoprostol is preferable rather than using Misoprostol alone. As the combination of both pills is more effective. However, the WHO has recommended using Misoprostol alone when Mifepristone is not accessible.

One risk linked with abortion pills is that despite of taking it correctly it may not terminate the pregnancy. This can happen in the case when only Misoprostol is taken. So after using the abortion pills, it is recommended to do a pregnancy test 3-4 weeks after taking the abortion pills to confirm that the pregnancy has been successfully terminated.

An ectopic pregnancy cannot be aborted using abortion pills as the pregnancy takes place in the fallopian tubes i.e outside the uterus. In this case, it is important to do a surgical abortion to avoid serious health complications.

Where can you get the abortion pills?

You can buy abortion pills online on various pharmacies. There are some online pharmacies that sell certified medicines. So you can directly buy from there and get the medicines at your doorstep.

What can you expect after taking the abortion pills?

Most women will experience cramping and bleeding which are common and natural. It indicates that your medical abortion has started. However, the bleeding is heavier than a normal period and the cramping can be moderate to severe, depending on the women and how long the pregnancy has advanced. 

Some other side effects of abortion pills include vomiting, headache, fevers, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, etc.

It is advised to seek immediate assistance from a medical professional if you experience some serious side effects such as severe bleeding for more than 3 hours that soaks more than 2 pads per hour. Fever more than 100 degrees.