How Does Abortion Affect Sex Life And Relationship?

Abortion is a very miserable thing being it mentally or physically. Regardless of whether the unplanned pregnancy was induced or unintentional, everything has a fallout since your body is modified in a particular way depending upon how much old the pregnancy was. It also affects some relationships and their sex life negatively or positively. It is totally upon you and your partner on how they handle and react to abortion. While speaking about how shortly one should engage in sex after an abortion process there are various facts to be considered. This is because some women suffer diversely with the loss of their baby. At the same time, some women incite premature birth consciously. Thus, the mental effect between the 2 individuals will be different. So here are few things to be considered before choosing how swiftly one should have sex after an abortion.

You should not have sex immediately after an abortion:

Medical specialists generally prescribe to wait for about 14 to 15 days after a medical abortion to have sexual intercourse. For medical abortion you need to take 2 pills which Mifepristone and Misoprostol, you can buy abortion pills online. So here is the reason behind not having sex after taking the safe abortion pills online; while in both surgical and medical abortion you will experience vaginal bleeding and some severe cramps. So taking complete rest for about 2 weeks gives your body a full sufficient rest to recover faster and get back to the normal life. With surgical abortions, there is an additional precautionary measure of inhibiting disease after the cervix has been widened. We have a large number of bacteria in our vagina so there is consistently the possibility of infection or disease. You need to allow the cervix to scrunch down but if you do observe any bleeding, fever or pain you need to consult your medical practitioner immediately. If your body feels like it has returned to normal within 14 days then there is no harm in resuming the sexual activity.

You need conception prevention promptly:

Although when fertility is ended, you can get pregnant again because at the time when you have an abortion it is very beginning of your cycle so a large number of women will get their period after a month. So thus you should start using anti-conception (birth control) medicines following the process. So these are some important things you and your partner should keep in mind before resuming to sexual activity soon after an abortion.