Period Sex Can Be More Intense

sex during period

Sexual intercourses during a period or menstruation are often ill-treated of being unrealistic and dirty. On the contrary, there is increased blood flow during these days and Increased blood flow means more sensation. It can be a benefit for both the woman and her partner in a number of ways.

Increased blood flow means more sensation.

When the menstrual cycle comes into account, sexual pleasure on the bed with a partner is more enhanced. When a woman undergoes the period, she has somewhat more increased blood flow to the uterus and genitals, thus an increase in awareness of her genitals. A woman who has her period, it makes her more sensitive to touch and even is easily aroused. An increase in circulation allows for faster lubrication in many women who find that their bodies are more sexually active during this period. The further combination of blood flow and knowledge would make a great key for the arousal. Often an increase in the blood flow also creates a tighter feeling around the vaginal opening and at the same time a closer feeling for the male partner.Period sex can get stronger orgasms.

When a woman has her period, there are numerous contractions happening to the uterine muscle, to replace tissues of the endometrium part. At this time, many women find an enhanced way of getting orgasms, mainly because of the increased sensitivity of the uterus. The more the foreplay, the more oxytocin a woman produces. This adds to the intensity of the orgasms which is increased rapidly. During the menstruation, the sex organs of a woman are thriving with energy for releasing. At times, women also prefer to have sex during the period as it can give more pleasure than at any other times of the month. Orgasms are bound to happen during this time.

Sexual intercourse during period shortens the menstrual cycle.

With few increased activities and orgasm happening, sexual intercourse during menstruation often makes the period go short. Woman’s uterus at a time is able to clear the lining due to the sexual activity and reduces the number of days of bleeding or spotting. Orgasms at a high level will help you to keep sexual activities run along smoothly.

How does sex during your period affect cramps and pain?

Several studies do suggest that sexual activity during periods can make cramps and pain, less accountable. Until there is a condition of endometriosis, there is a possibility that the cramps and pain will be decreased largely. During orgasm, there are a lot of endorphins which act as a natural orgasm. Thus, the pain of a woman’s sensation is largely deceased up to 75 percent. This is because of the combination of endorphins and oxytocin. This is overall, a great benefit to couples who plan to have sexual intercourse during the menstruation. Researches put forward views where the periods are shorter and even less intense as the cramping reduces. This makes the periods pleasurable with sexual activity.

Although menstrual sexual intercourse is enjoyable it does require a lot of planning beforehand. Ordinarily, some couples find the best option of shower sex, to clean up afterward If the menstruation is of 3rd and 4th day, one may have a towel underneath before having sex to prevent the stalling of the bed sheets. Online pharmacy offers a lot of options on various methods that can be used during sexual intercourse. Abortion pills online are the best ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy by taking the abortion pill.