Complete Your Abortion using Medical Method

Abortion with Medical Pills

Among several common reasons of abortion all over the globe, the major reason for an abortion is when a pregnancy is unplanned. These type of situations demand the use of abortion pills. Women often rely on abortion pill online FDA approved, to get into the safer side of the process. Terminating a pregnancy, mostly in the teenager is not easy and it is required to use the right combination of pills within the right time frame. The first pill, Generic Mifepristone is available in various brands like Mifeprex, and RU-486, which can be obtained online.The reason surrounding an abortion largely lies within the decision of the woman. As she may not be ready to bring the child into the world and become a mother. Unplanned sexual intercourse and previous history of illness might be further logic to not have children. Thus, a female can complete a medical abortion at home without approaching a clinic. This is done with the intake of abortion pill within 9 weeks/63 days of gestation. The main aim is to understand the importance of taking proper abortion pills on time to get rid of unplanned pregnancy.

Role of Mifepristone– The first pill is that of Mifepristone. This is described as an anti-progesterone medicine, which stops the fetal development within the body. The major symptom is bleeding with no such complications to incur further. The hormone of progesterone is an important hormone in the pregnancy of women. When Mifepristone prevents the further reach of oxygen and nutrition to the fetus, it actively results in termination of pregnancy. The process is the first step and followed by a pill in a period of 24 hours of this.

The dose of Mifepristone– Mifepristone dose is taken at 200 mg with an empty stomach. The tablet can be taken with or without food, and enough water helps in flushing the tablet inside the stomach. Furthermore, the next pill is available in major stores with the name of generic brands.

The dose of Misoprostol- Misoprostol is the second drug taken after the first dose of mifepristone. This is taken after a period of 24 hours and is taken either through the mouth, in cheek pouch or through the vagina. It causes uterine contractions and symptoms seen, are cramps nearer to the lower abdomen and further intensified cramps. The dosage is mostly of 200mcg, which is taken 4 times after a gap of 3 hours within each pill. The pills have the symptoms which are bitterer than the first pill. If symptoms persist for a longer duration, it is always advisable to have a medical check-up further to avoid any chance of serious health risks. It is usually advised that after the 14th day of the process, one should visit a clinic to further confirm the successful completion of the abortion procedure.

What takes place after abortion?

There are several symptoms one can experience just after abortion. The symptoms mostly include that of soreness of breast area, nausea, pain in the stomach, drowsiness, fever, heavy bleeding, some pelvic area soreness and mood swings. Irritation of the vaginal area is also common. These symptoms pass over time and can be tackled. One should take care and see that they do not consume Abortion pill in case of Pregnancy for more than 9 weeks (63 days). Additionally, pregnancy cases such as Ectopic pregnancy (fetus outside the womb) and some bleeding cases of anaemia and leukaemia also accounts for additional care. Problems such as uterine issues beforehand should also be taken care of. Usually, abortion pills are restricted to people above 17 years of age, so below 17 years, women shouldn’t be allowed to consume them.

Extra care is necessary after abortion, below are some processes

Try to avoid any stress and take complete bed rest. Uplifting is largely avoided. Healthy food choices are a great option and proper iron, vitamin and protein should be consumed. Tampons and patches should largely be avoided inserting to the vagina, which can provoke the vaginal infection.
Additionally, sexual intercourse is restricted after the process. Foreplay is the best option that can be adopted after an abortion process.