What Is The Right Time To Have Sex After Medication Abortion?

Many women all over the world prefer medication abortion with Cytolog pills as compared to the surgical procedure as it offers more ease, affordability, and privacy. 

The abortion pills are medically approved and safe for health. When women buy Cytolog pills online and do their abortion it doesn’t affect their fertility in any manner. Thus, if women do not want to get pregnant soon after the abortion, there are few things they should know about.

In this blog, we will discuss a few common questions that are asked about having sex after abortion.

For how many days I should avoid sex after an abortion?

You can have sex anytime when you feel that you are ready after having an abortion with Cytolog pills abortion pills. The period suggested by the doctor to wait for sexual intercourse varies from person to person depending on the individual’s health. It might be 6 days or a few weeks or even until the woman gets her next menstrual cycle.

Does abortion affect the menstrual cycle?

It is normal for the menstrual cycle to take a few weeks to be restored at its normal after an abortion.

Is there a possibility of infection after abortion?

During the abortion process, the cervix is opened wider to expelled the fetal tissues. It takes a few days for the cervix to close back again. While it is still open wider than normal, inserting anything in the vagina can cause infection. This is also why doctors suggest using sanitary pads instead of tampons or menstrual cups.

Is it possible to get pregnant immediately after abortion?

Yes, it is very likely to get pregnant right after an abortion. Even before you get your first menstrual cycle after abortion, ovulation might occur. In the case, where you don’t want to get pregnant soon after the abortion, you should use a contraceptive during vaginal intercourse.

Why would I need to wait longer than a week after the abortion?

Exactly how long you should wait before having sexual intercourse depends on your health. Sometimes it takes longer, especially when the pregnancy was comparatively longer.

Some women may need to wait for confirmation that all the contains of the pregnancy are expelled from the womb. It is best to have a thorough pelvic exam before indulging in sexual intercourse.

What are the possible contraceptives?

Hormonal contraception:

You can start taking hormonal contraceptives at a time of medication abortion. Depending on the type of contraceptive you will be advised to start with the first or the last medication in the abortion process.

After the confirmation of the successful completion of the abortion process, the doctor will prescribe you, your chosen contraceptive and instruct you on how and when to start using it.

Intrauterine devices:

An intrauterine device can be inserted after a few days of an abortion. You will need a medical practitioner to place it into your uterus. In case of the intrauterine device is not planted immediately after an abortion, you may need another contraceptive method if, you indulge in sexual intercourse and do not want to get pregnant.

What if I had unprotected sex soon after the abortion and do not want to get pregnant?

If you have unprotected sex soon after abortion or you think that the contraceptive method that you used, have failed you can use the emergency contraceptive. 

First is emergency contraception pills have to be taken as soon as you can for maximum effectiveness. This method is not always 100% effective.

An intrauterine device can be inserted within 5 days of having unprotected sex. The good thing about intrauterine devices is that they can be effective for 5 years or more.

Which is the right contraceptive for me

To know what is the right contraceptive method for you. You should consult your medical practitioner.


Women can get pregnant soon after abortion and it is good to avoid sexual intercourse till the time suggested by the doctor and use contraception to avoid pregnancy. However, if women gets pregnant then she can buy abortion pills online from our website with fast shipping.