Libido and sexual health in women

sexual health in women


Intimacy is an important part of human life. Unfortunately, it is also among the most stigmatized and least discussed topics. Since most bodily functions related to sexual behavior and health are hormone-driven, their understanding is rendered complex. It makes people incapable of understanding their own bodies. This is especially true with women. While inadequate education about these matters is to blame in part, it is also the inaccessibility to reproductive health services like the abortion pill that can be accounted for. Most women remain unaware of the choices they have to deal with different issues they face throughout their life. This blog aims at helping you understand what determines your sexual health and desires.  Continue reading “Libido and sexual health in women”

Preparing For a Medical Abortion Process


Medical abortion process



Medical abortion is a procedure of ending an early and unwanted pregnancy using pregnancy termination pills. This involves two primary medication including an anti-progesterone pill and the other one includes prostaglandin pill. Both make hormonal changes in your body and end the pregnancy at home.


Check if you are you Eligible for the medical abortion:

Before you buy abortion pills, make sure that you’re eligible for the medical abortion process. If not, you may look for the alternate option. To proceed further in the medical abortion process, ensure that you fall into the categories given below:

  • The gestation period is not more than 10 weeks.
  • Your age is not less than 18 years.
  • The pregnancy is not an ectopic case.

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How should you take the abortion pills


The Medical Abortion is a process of ending an early pregnancy with the use of a drug combination ( Mifepristone and Misoprostol). Both the pills are equally essential in the process of pregnancy termination and hence it is important to understand the instructions to perform medical abortion using both the pills. When you buy Abortion pills to end your pregnancy, administer the medication in the following ways: Continue reading “How should you take the abortion pills”

How Soon can you Recover from a Medical Abortion

medical abortion recovery



Recovery from a medical pregnancy termination depends on the type of body, the gestation period and the way a woman looks after her health throughout the process. When you buy safe abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy, you’re likely to get healed within 14 days. Physicians usually provide certain guidelines for women to recover from the process faster. Most times, the key to faster recovery from a medical abortion is to follow the abortion procedure properly. We’ll understand the procedure of ending an unwanted pregnancy through abortion pills.  Continue reading “How Soon can you Recover from a Medical Abortion”

Choosing Between Surgical And Medical Abortion

Medical & Surgical Abortion


Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy puts you in a dilemma at times. Surgical abortion or medical abortion? The major concern is to carefully get out of that situation in a way that it won’t affect your future in any way. We’ll understand the two methods in-detail to guide you in making the right decision.  Continue reading “Choosing Between Surgical And Medical Abortion”