Can Having More Than One Abortion is Safe For Women Health

Info on Multiple abortion


While most women are informed and buy Abortion Pills online to terminate an early unwanted pregnancy, they are unaware as till how many months a subsequent abortion is possible again. The body recovers in a tough phase and is usually into mending tissues that got the abortion done. Consequently, getting an unwanted pregnancy again is a matter of risk and using abortion pills second or third time needs further research.


While doctors and major pharmacists would not recommend for using abortion as a form of birth controls, there are cases where women have had used it and had more than one abortion. Although the process is quite safe while being done by a trained professional, counting on own will have several issues on the scale. Fertility issues can be a major problem, although no such hard evidence points on infertility, still a healthcare induction is largely required before the intervention of subsequent abortion process. Certain medical abortion Pill Approved BY FDA won’t have the same issues as other abortion methods. It is often to be noted that all Abortion pills online are not approved by authorities and can prove a hindrance to a healthy lifestyle of women health.


Furthermore, the future risk of miscarriage and complications can largely arise in cases of certain individuals. Ordinarily, some research suggests that women who have had multiple surgical abortions may be more likely to have a future birth of infants with a low birth weight to count. Still, the case of infertility of low birth weight isn’t a sure shot thing. Ordinarily, it is advisable to Buy abortion pills, mifepristone and misoprostol online, from a legit and safe abortion pills site. In simple terms, the relation between multiple abortions is not always the cause for infertility and depends largely on other factors.


Facts have accounted that women can remain fertile enough till they are 40 years of age. Menopause can be a major cause in the change of fertility and some women may need more than one abortion as some contraception does fall flat in the first try. One can opt to buy abortion pill kit online at Even medical abortion pill over the counter at an online pharmacy serves a good option to tackle unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, relying on certain online sites as a place to get more information on Abortion kit is increasing and it may lower the risk on woman’s health and the ability to have children in the future, after multiple abortions.

Healthy and Energetic Diet for Medical Abortion


Energetic Diet for Medical Abortion


Medical abortion halts the regular processes of several human mechanisms. Consequently, diet during medical abortion plays a major role in the process and hence is an important tool in giving the body adequate nutrition after a medical abortion is done. Women who buy abortion pill kit online often do not have adequate knowledge except using the pills. Below is an overview of diet to be followed during a medical abortion.


It is advisable to have small meals prior to having abortion pills. Liquids, specifically water and milk are essential in providing the body with adequate support to tackle the changes. During the whole process, the body might find difficult to adapt to a change in food, so do not break food quite often. Give the body time to adopt a different food for at least 20 days or more.


The main idea of diet during a medical abortion is not to pump up the stomach with heavy food and junk. The medical administrative can fairly give an idea to various health issues that are underlying and hence can clear the doubts of what not to eat.


Foods to avoid after abortion

Alcohol and junks are two main foods that need to be completely avoided. Alcohol diminishes the digestion of body in normal conditions, hence it greatly affects metabolism during pregnancy. Consequently, the body reacts in a different way when Alcohol is consumed.
Junks are often highly processed foods, with a large glycemic score. The body needs food that is high on fiber and nutrients. Junks mostly give out empty calories and hence would largely be detrimental.


What should be eaten?

Bleeding often terms much more than normal periods, so one may feel very lethargic and fatigue. Foods which can increase blood flow can be an issue. Therefore, skipping such foods which can maximize cramps or flow is advisable. Ectopic pregnancy often accounts for no bleeding even after consuming drugs of abortion. In such cases, it is highly recommended to check with a doctor.
Coffee and chocolate boost up the mood. Hence, it is greatly advised to have some of these during the medical abortion process.


Can you work out after an abortion?

It is advisable to resume/indulge with a workout after 4 weeks of abortion. Usually, the body is in a state to recover from damages of abortion, resuming workout immediately will only put into more stress. Ordinarily, monitoring the diet at first and slowly hitting resistance training proves beneficial in long-term. Initially, light resistance exercises followed by endurance activities helps in proper blood blow to the body. This, in turn, helps in giving the body the perfect balance to recover and minimize the excessive bleeding.


After abortion care tips are numerous, it takes a lot of efforts to make these tips accounted. Ordinarily, in terms of diet, snacking and relaxing is useful, unless it becomes binge eating. Mifepristone abortion pill online and Misoprostol safe abortion pills are often taken by women who want safe abortion process. These pills are always available from online pharmacy sites and are backed by reviews.

Abortion and MTP Kit a Wonderful Scientific Invention

MTP kit (Abortion kit online)


Terminating an early pregnancy is perhaps the very first thing that comes when one stumbles on unwanted pregnancy conditions. One can buy MTP kit online or even Mifepristone with Misoprostol kit for terminating the pregnancy at home. Ordinarily, MTP kit is a name given to terminate processes of pregnancy that’s reliable.


As described the primary component in MTP kit is Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both are used to terminate the pregnancy and are taken in periodic time. They serve the majority of ingredients among various abortion pills online. The strengths of these medicines are different. Both of them are equally important and the overall process won’t continue if any of them is not taken. Consequently, Mifepristone has the strength of 200mg and Misoprostol has a strength of 200 MCG. Application of both the ingredients puts the overall process into consideration.


Can misoprostol be taken orally with water?


Yes, Misoprostol, the second pill can preferably be taken with water and even milk for people who are prone to underlie digestion issues. The fact remains constant, as long as the process is followed with both the pills, the necessity to indulge any other process is not required.


A lot of people have doubts on how to use the MTP kit orally. Consequently, as a contraceptive pill, the medicine is globally accepted and used by women across the globe. Pregnancies which are less than eight weeks old can be terminated with this kit. The first medicine Mifepristone is known to inhibit the activity of exogenous and endogenous secreted progesterone levels in women. This substantially terminates the pregnancy in women.


Furthermore, buy Misoprostol online is easily available & is responsible for the enlargement of uterine contraction processes. Both can be taken orally, vaginally and buccally. The preference steps are decided by the amount of bleeding happens. As such there are various sites for the order of pregnancy termination pills online, which additionally offer some steps to be taken making the process smooth.

Many Women Use Abortion Pill to Have Self-Induce Pregnancy Termination At Home

Self-Induce Pregnancy


Women on a large scale are adopting techniques to terminate a pregnancy on their own. With the advent of pills of misoprostol and mifepristone since the 1980s, there has been a large use of techniques largely to avoid a clinical visit. Abortion pills online are the most preferred way for women who are opting for the self-induced processes. Whether taken in a health care center or at home by women, to buy abortion pills is always the regimen followed by 90 percent of the population.


Why performing a medical abortion at home is safer?


Currently, on the rise with self-induced abortions, many women prefer using pills than using surgical abortion procedures namely manual vacuum aspiration or at times called as dilation. For obtaining a medical abortion with Misoprostol online and Mifepristone pill. Women need to further check any sign of previous medical ailments.


As such, mifepristone is a registered abortion drug, the sale of it and free use is not permitted in some countries. Although considered as one of the early pregnancy termination pills, it is still restricted by government officials across several countries. Conversely, misoprostol has been labeled as an anti-ulcer medication and hence has been under legal administration in most parts of the globe.


Various researches made found that misoprostol alone has about 75-85 percent success rate in inducing abortion. The predominantly happens in the first trimester when used within the time when the pill is recommended to. Additionally, it may be less effective alone than when combined with mifepristone and thus can be a safe and accessible alternative for women who are opting for medical abortion on their own.


Furthermore, when a pregnant woman tries to get rid of her pregnancy by using the counter drugs and non-pharmacological substances without medical supervision, it predominantly results in a bit of complication. As far as safety is considered, the question always arises- “Does an abortion pill affect the fertility of women”. Consequently, not major, but some cases have been reported where women did experience some complications within a later period of life due to the use of self-induced abortion processes.


Medical professionals predominantly use medical techniques for inducing abortion which is termed as Clinic abortion procedure. As such self-abortion methods are much easier and confidential, while they can only be undertaken in the initial 3 months of conceiving.


When delayed, these medical abortion methods may pose a serious risk to the woman’s health and a failed attempt may even cause serious and permanent damage to the fetus while conceiving. It is always advisable to buy safe abortion pills from a site or online pharmacies that have been in business for a while, to reduce any health risks in the future.

How To Take Care Of Yourself After An Abortion

TakeCare After an Abortion


The key to immediately recovering from the medical pregnancy termination procedure is to follow the procedure as instructed without violating any abortion care norms! Women usually prefer to buy MTP kit to perform a medical abortion. When you buy abortion pills such as Mifeprex, Cytolog, the drug combination stops the growth of pregnancy and expel pregnancy contents from the body.

This blog will help you understand how you can quickly recover from an abortion procedure.


After effects:

After taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol both abortion pills, the woman starts to experience the two important after-effects which are also the symptoms of pregnancy termination. As the pills make hormonal changes in the body, it results in contractions in the uterine lining. This further causes abdomen cramps and bleeding.


Abortion and sexual intercourse:

To ensure that there’s no hindrance in the medical abortion procedure, one must not involve in sexual activities, especially vaginal. The vagina becomes sensitive during the abortion process and penetration can increase the chances of infection in the reproductive organ. You must continue this even after the abortion procedure.


Physical activities:

Due to the vulnerability of the vagina, physicians also advise not get involved in intense physical activities. Intense physical activities can put pressure on the vagina which can again weaken the organ while making the recovery process longer than necessary.



Heavy or food loaded with lots of fats should be avoided during or immediately after the pregnancy termination process. Pregnancy termination medicines can have side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting etc and hence keep the food light and fluids-rich food can help women perform the abortion procedure without any fuss. Also, women can consider taking an abortion pill pack which can help women look after the side effects of medicines.


Smoking and Drinking:

Smoking and drinking are the two things which can create complications in the medical abortion procedure. The tobacco or alcohol elements can interact with the abortion pill and make the pill function less efficiently.



This is often ignoring the factor of the medical abortion process which contributes a lot to help women recover from the abortion procedure faster. It is likely to happen that women go under depression due to external pressure from society. Here are a few tips which you can do after an abortion process to heal from the procedure.

Watch your favorite movie
Read a book
Listen to your favorite music/ soothing music.
Speak to your partner.
Engage yourself in creative activities
Do simple yoga

This can surely help to recover from an abortion process faster.


The process of medical termination of pregnancy usually takes 2 weeks or more. I also depend on how many weeks into pregnancy you are and how your body reacts to the medication. However, if you followed the aforementioned instructions, you are most likely to recover from the process as early as possible

How to Abort An Unwanted Pregnancy Using Abortion Pills

Abort an unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills

Abortion can be performed in two ways. Surgical and medical. The abortion performed with the help of abortion pills is called medical abortion. Buy abortion pills, here, is meant a drug combination. We’ll learn about various approved pill combinations of medical pregnancy termination and how they end an unwanted pregnancy.

There are two types of pills. (1) antiprogesterone (2) prostaglandin

What are the FDA approved abortion pills which can be used to abort an early and unwanted pregnancy?

In the first type,

  • Mifepristone
  • Generic RU 486
  • Mifeprex

In the second type,

  • Misoprostol
  • Cytolog

To abort an unwanted pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks of gestation, you must have one pill from the first type ( antiprogesterone medicine) along with 4 pills from the second type ( prostaglandin medicine). You can buy this pill combination separately. You can also buy abortion pill pack or MTP kit which contain the drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Abortion pill pack also has other medicines which contain 3 additional pills to look treat the side effects of abortion pills.

Administering the drug combination:

You can consume Mifepristone orally with water. After 24-48 hours you can take the second pill Misoprostol. When you are taking Misoprostol it gives you two options. The buccal consumption is easier as you only have to keep the pills in the cheek pouches for half an hour. However, if you vomit after taking Misoprostol, the pills may fall off which will interfere with the functioning of the pill.

The abortion procedure:

Mifepristone works against the pregnancy growing hormones and stops the fetal development. Misoprostol causes uterine contractions to make allow the body to pass fetal tissues.

The symptoms of pregnancy termination:

There are two symptoms of a pregnancy termination which begin showing within 24 hours after taking Misoprostol.


Due to the uterine contractions, you may experience cramping in the abdominal area. The intensity of abdominal pain is different for every woman depending on the gestation of pregnancy and the body type. Some may find it similar to the period cramping. It lasts up to a few hours and eventually goes.

Vaginal bleeding

The vaginal bleeding starts within a few hours. Some women may suspect slight bleeding after taking Mifepristone, however, you must continue the dosage with Misoprostol intake. This bleeding is usually heavier than the normal menstruation and lasts for 7-8 days. Women are advised to use pads and change them at least 3-4 times a day.


The side effects of pregnancy termination medicines are temporary in nature and do not have a long-term impact on the body. A headache, diarrhea, mild fever, excessive bleeding are some of them.


If you have bought abortion pills online, the same pharmacy shall also help you with the online consultation from experts. It ensures smooth procedure of abortion with easily approachable expert advice and completes maintained privacy. If you followed the procedure properly, it is going to eventuate in a smooth process with less or no complications. Confirm your abortion after 10-14 days through a home pregnancy test.

What Should You Eat And Drink While You are Taking The Abortion Pills

Thing to eat & drink while taking buy abortion pills


Women health mechanism is complex. When you buy abortion pills and administer them, they carefully remove pregnancy contents from your body through hormonal changes made. There are no restrictions on the food intake during the medical abortion procedure.


You can eat food and drink fluids as per your normal meals. That said, it is always advised to eat light to let the medicines function smoothly in your body. Also, you may wish to eat light and drink more fluids due to the Misoprostol pills after effects such as nausea, vomiting etc.

We’ll see in this blog what you should eat and what you should not!


Physicians suggest leafy veggies and fruits intake should be taken during the pregnancy termination procedure. Easily digestible food helps prevent some of the after-effects such as diarrhea etc. Iron-rich veggies help women regain the blood loss and make the health mechanism strong again.

Low-fat foods:

When you have foods with high fats, it creates hindrance in the working of abortion medicines. As a result, there may be a delay or improper functioning of medical pregnancy termination tablets. Though doctors advise to pamper yourself with your favorite food, make sure you do not eat something that makes the process difficult. Fat food is one such thing, it is advised to avoid oily and heavy food when undergoing a medical abortion.


Nonveg has proteins and hence you can have protein-rich seafood or meat. Try avoiding fried nonveg food during the procedure.

What should you avoid?

Women must take into account that drinking alcohol or smoking during the process of medical pregnancy termination can act as a hurdle in the abortion process. It may lead you to severe health risks. Hence, it is advised that women should not drink or smoke during or soon after the abortion procedure. You can restart it after 2-3 weeks.

If you have decided to buy Mifeprex online and Misoprostol from an online pharmacy, the same website typically offers information on foods and drinks to be eaten during the process of medical abortion. The right food and right diet can help you recover from the medical termination of pregnancy.

Mifeprex and Misoprostol are considered to be one of the standard abortion pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The drug combination makes hormonal changes in the woman’s body through anti-progesterone and prostaglandin constituents present in them.

Within a few hours of taking both medicines, the woman starts bleeding and the body passes pregnancy tissues within a week or two. The entire process may take 8-10 days after which you can confirm the pregnancy status through a home preg test.

Online Medication is the Future of Medical Abortion Care

Future of Placing Order online


Pregnancy termination has remained an issue of shame and disgust. That said, with time and awareness about the importance of an abortion in a woman’s life is contributing to the changing the perception of people. Medical abortion is a terminating an unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills. There are a couple of websites which offer medical abortion pills.

Why online abortion pills is the next big thing?

E-commerce has emerged in the world and has managed to become an ever-growing domain in less than a decade. With this, healthcare also enters the online market and helped to reach out to the remote regions for consultants in the world where healthcare facilities are still lacking.


Today, there are many women all around the world who consult doctors online to get help for healthcare complications. Abortion has recently become a part of the online world with after abortion pill purchase care services are offered to women. There’s a regulation of prescription on an online pill purchase which ensures that right abortion pills are reaching right women with the need of pregnancy termination.


How will it help women?



There are many women who perform abortion through wrong methods and end up increasing the complications in their pregnancy and abortion. There are cases reporting a long-term on the health of women. The main concern is always privacy.


Women feel a discomfort in sharing their pregnancy and abortion decision. When women consult an online doctor or call a physician a home for a prescription, they can easily maintain privacy by purchasing online abortion pills and terminating their pregnancy at home. Once the process is understood, the



Medical abortion is method affordable and practical for many women who cannot afford to pay for a surgery. Abortion pills are not available in many countries. However, online pharmacies help women buy abortion pills online . It saves their travel cost and the cost of surgery too. Women prefer buying MTP kit online, as it is popular in women for safe termination of an 8-10 weeks pregnancy.


Consulting online:

After receiving the prescription, not every woman can afford to call a doctor home for consulting, but when women buy abortion pills from a safe online pharmacy, such websites also offer after abortion care help. There are many blogs written on the websites explaining each element of the abortion process.


Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a drug combination which helps women safely end the pregnancy. There are a struggle and hope in women about the rights to access a safe medication for abortion. The number of countries allowing a medical termination of pregnancy at home is increasing. Soon, there will be a point in time when women will be free to have abortion care services at home

Bleeding During Medical Abortion

When should you expect to bleed


The bleeding during a medical abortion process is always a concern for women. When you buy MTP kit or other drug combination to end an unwanted pregnancy, you experience heavy vaginal bleeding. One must monitor this bleeding pattern which occurs during the procedure. It helps in understanding your body well and alerts you in advance if there’s any complication.

Why do women bleed during the process of medical abortion?


Misoprostol in the drug combination contains prostaglandin elements in it which cause uterine contraction. This results in abdomen cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding. This is essentially to eject pregnancy contents from the body.


When should you expect to bleed?

The first pill that you take is Mifepristone. You may not experience any change after taking the first pill. The bleeding should ideally begin within 24 hours after taking the second pill, Misoprostol. Consult your doctor if you do not you bleed within a day. Some women may suspect bleeding post consumption of buy Mifepristone pill. However, the case is not abnormal to find and you must complete the procedure of taking the second medicine.


How long does the bleeding last?


The vaginal bleeding during the abortion process can last up to a week or more. It depends on the gestation period and the body type of the woman. Once the fetal tissues are expelled from the body, the bleeding gets lighter and eventually stops when all the tissues are removed.


How is the bleeding during an abortion?


The bleeding during an abortion is heavier than the normal periods. A woman may soak 4 maxi pads in the initial days of bleeding. As stated before, the bleeding gets lighter post removal of fetus tissues.



  • Do not insert anything in the vagina. One should use pads instead of tampons.
  • The chances of bacterial infections are high during the procedure of medical abortion and hence women are advised not to have intercourse during or immediately after the process.
  • Do not douche or use scented soap to clean the vagina. The vagina has its self-cleaning mechanism which does not require you to clean it with water or other methods.


Are there any side effects?

A migraine, sickness, hurl, diarrhea, nausea etc are some side effects of abortion pills. These side effects typically go within a few days. The woman does not face continued side effect of abortion pills one the process gets complete. She may have to consult the doctor is she experiences intense side effects of abortion pills which last longer than a week.


When to worry?

Consult your doctor if the bleeding is excessive or lasts more than 10 days. Keep iron intake high and foods which would help regain the blood loss.

The complication in the bleeding pattern during the procedure is less likely to occur. No bleeding even after taking buy misoprostol pill can lead to incomplete abortion. Bleeding is important in the medical pregnancy termination process as it’s a symptom that the procedure is getting complete. The woman stops bleeding and heals from the whole process within 14-15 days.

How Does Generic RU 486 Help For Medical Abortion

Can Generic RU 486 alone terminate an unwanted pregnancy


Generic RU 486 is an abortion pill which is widely used in the US, UK and several other parts of the world as a contributor in the medical abortion process. Women who look for abortion pills online can simply browse various online pharmacies and choose the most decent one to buy Generic RU486. In this blog, we’ll see how the pills contribute to the pregnancy termination process.


How should you administer the pill?

Doctors typically prescribe women to take 200 mg Generic RU486 for the termination of pregnancy up to 8 weeks. You can take the tablet orally with water. It has to be taken as soon as you receive after buying abortion pills online /local stores.


How does Generic RU486 work?

Antiprogesterone is a hormone present in women’s body which causes the growth of the pregnancy. With anti-progesterone constituents present in the pill works against this hormone and eventually stops the growth of the pregnancy within 24 hours.


What are the after effects of Generic RU 486?

There are no immediate visible after effects of Generic RU486. The general pregnancy symptom of nausea is continued during the abortion process. Some women encounter slight bleeding after taking the first pill. Though bleeding typically starts after taking the second pill, it is not abnormal to bleed after taking Generic RU486.


Can Generic RU 486 alone terminate an unwanted pregnancy?

No. One must take Generic RU 486 along with a prostaglandin tablet to successfully ending an unwanted pregnancy. Both pills make hormonal changes in the body and end the pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks of gestation.


What are the other pills taken along with Generic RU 486?

buy Misoprostol or Cytolog can be taken along with Generic RU486 for a successful medical abortion. The prostaglandin elements in the pill cause the contraction of the uterine. Women experience cramps in the lower abdomen and bleeding to pass the pregnancy tissues.


The bleeding lasts up to 7-8 days. This bleeding is heavier than the normal menstruation fluids and hence it is advised that women must use pads during the abortion process.


While cramping and bleeding are the two important symptoms of pregnancy termination, there are other after-effects which are faced during the process of medical abortion.


The procedure of medical pregnancy termination takes not more than a week or two to successfully complete it.


However, the woman must give time to her body to process the abortion pills and wait until it gets back to normal. This can take up to 10-14 days after which she can confirm her pregnancy termination through a home pregnancy test or clinical test.


Mifepristone plays as an alternative to Generic RU486. If you can not find Generic RU486, you can buy mifepristone pill along with any other prostaglandin pill and end your pregnancy successfully