What If I Do Not Experience Bleeding After Taking Misoprostol?

During a medical abortion, women Buy Abortion pills Online USA, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol to end the pregnancy. By taking the first pill, Mifepristone you may not experience any severe symptoms but it works by blocking the progesterone hormone- a hormone which is vital for pregnancy to grow.  And the second pill, Misoprostol works by causing contractions and allowing the pregnancy tissue to pass out with the help of vaginal bleeding.

As per medical experts, women should experience bleeding within 2-24 hours following the consumption of the second pill. If after 24 hours the women do not experience any bleeding then she can repeat the dose of Misoprostol. The first pill operates up to 72 hours so the misoprostol dosage can be taken buccally (by placing the pills between the gum and the cheek, 2 pills on each side) let it dissolve for 30 minutes.

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Can I Take Mifepristone And Misoprostol At The Same Time?

Women can administer the 2 element of the so called “abortion pill” silmultaneously, preferably 24 hours apart, as is usually done, a new research found. And a second study found out that the drug is secure for late first-trimester medical abortions.

Mifepristone or RU486 ends the pregnancy by blocking the production of the progesterone hormone. When the drug is used alone, materials connected to conceiving can remain in the uterus, causing the risk of infection. This is the reason why medical experts also prescribe Misoprostol, which causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy tissue safely. You can buy Misoprostol online

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What should I know about Bleed After the abortion?

Most women heal quickly after an abortion. The severity of pain, cramping and bleeding that a woman may experience can vary from each other. Thus, you should know that what are the warning signs and some important information to take care of before you buy the abortion pills online USA.

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7 Important Stages You Should Know About Abortion?

After years of putting a curse on your monthly cycle, you would be more tensed if it hasn’t come. You might check your period tracker and yes, you may find out that you are definitely late. Plus, if it is missed completely and you feel nauseous too then it can be a reason to worry as you may not be ready for a baby. The second thought that would come into your mind will be abortion, and it can sometimes be a tough decision and you might overcome a range of emotions. So here are some of the important stages you need to know about before going on an abortion.

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What is the most common abortion method?

There are many ways you can abort an unwanted pregnancy. However, medical and surgical methods of pregnancy termination are considered to be the safest ones among all. This blog helps you understand the most common methods of abortion.

Medical abortion: 

Although medical abortion is a comparatively new method of pregnancy termination, it is reaching more number of women rapidly. In this method, two abortion pills approved by the FDA are used for terminating an unwanted pregnancy up to 8 weeks of gestation. With regulations on medical abortion getting slow down, access to safe medications has risen. Now, women can easily buy an abortion pill kit online and administer them at home. 

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