Guidelines on How To Use MTP KIT?

An MTP Kit is usually suggested for medical abortion. One can simply get MTP Kit online with a medical expert’s prescription. 

Instructions on how to utilize MTP Kit for medical abortion?

Before you buy MTP kit it is recommended to consult your medical practitioner as a part of an instructive measure. It is medically practiced and a non-surgical method of pregnancy termination which is used to end a pregnancy.

The MTP Kit comprises of 2 tablets named Mifepristone 200 mg and Misoprostol 800 mcg  (200 mcg each). Mifepristone can be consumed orally and after completion of 24 hours within 48 hours you have to consume Misoprostol orally by placing 2 tablets each in the cheek pouches or under the tongue. It can also be taken Vaginally by inserting 4 pills in the vaginal part. The proper dosage pattern of the pills should be followed for effective results.

Expected symptoms after using the MTP Kit

For the positive end of pregnancy, women are required to take both the medicines Mifepristone and Misoprostol as said by the physical health expert. Most of the women observe cramping and bleeding within 3-4 hours after the consumption of the abortion pill. Ladies can also observe massive bleeding with big blood clots, tissue, 10 times severe than their normal monthly cycle. The abortion and removal of pregnancy tissues would complete in the next 6-9  hours, but the normal bleeding may stay for a few days. Body pain and cramps are also continued for a few days. Thus, some common indications are as follows;

  • Dizziness and Diarrhea
  • Massive bleeding
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Weakness and Tiredness 
  • Cramps in stomach

The pain, cramps, and bleeding will be severe. Thus. it is advisable to discuss in detail with the medical expert before using the  MTP Kit. Most of the medical expert prescribes pain killer which are required to be administered 30 minutes before taking Misoprostol.

Takeaway:  Unwanted and unplanned pregnancy can be painful. But you did not need to worry as this kit offers a 100% safe and successful method for terminating the gestation. As it is an FDA certified drug and beneficial to women with a confidential and safe process. Abortion pills like MTP Kit are very safe and efficacious, and it is always important to consume abortion pills after discussion with a pharmaceutical specialist. 

How long does it take for the abortion to complete?

Every woman knows that medical abortion takes more time than a surgical abortion procedure. However, medical termination of pregnancy is still one of the most preferred ways for ending an unwanted pregnancy since it helps you privately abort it at home. So how long does it exactly take with completing abortion with pills? This blog enables you to find out! 

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Is the abortion pill dangerous?

It is obvious to doubt medications that claim easy abortion at home. However, the simpler the process seems, the safer the abortion pills are. If you have concerns related to risks associated with abortion pills, you can speak to your healthcare provider or get online consultation to which will help you clear the air.

This blog helps you understand how abortion pills are safe to consume and end an unwanted pregnancy.

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When To Expect Period After An Abortion?

What is known as post-abortion bleeding?

Each and every woman experience bleeding after having an abortion with an abortion pill online. Medical practitioner calls this as post-abortion bleeding. It is recommended to use pads during an abortion to track how much bleeding is occurring.

There are 2 main types of abortion which are surgical and medical abortion. And period occurrence depends on the type of abortion as well as period of pregnancy. So let’s understand about the period after abortion.

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How Safely Does The Abortion Pill Work?

Medical abortion allows an alternative to surgical abortion for women who are in the early stage gestation. Medication abortion uses a combination of safe abortion pills which includes Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate the pregnancy up to 9 weeks.

Medical abortion with an abortion pill is a less risky and non-invasive method to end an early-stage pregnancy. Around 2- 5 % of women who have done medical abortion say that abortion pills work very safely without causing any major side effects.

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