How can my Diabetes Affect me During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and diabetes


Diabetes is a disease that occurs due to high blood sugar level. Diabetes during pregnancy can create certain complications for both you and your baby. You can speak to your healthcare provider about diabetic pregnancy symptoms and stay alert for the same. For any medications that your doctors suggest for gestational diabetes, you can easily get them through an online pharmacy.


Diabetes and Pregnancy

It is important that you take care of yourselves every single day. Subsequently, during pregnancy you have to be even more careful with your health as it is just not about your health but your baby’s too. Hence, even the level of sugar has to be in the normal range for both of your health. Ideally, the level of sugar after fasting should be between 4.0 mmol/L to 5.5. mmol/L while it should up to 7.0 mmol/L after having meal.


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How to Educate About Abortion

Information on Abortion


Be it medical termination of pregnancy or sexual health-related topics, today’s education system is failing to provide enough information on abortion to women across the world. As a result, abortion services and solution giving centers and websites fall short when trying to reach out to women to help them understand how to buy abortion pills, MTP kit like products.


This blog explains the medical abortion procedure and why is there a need to help women with abortion education.


What is the medical abortion procedure?


The medical pregnancy termination procedure involves ending an unwanted pregnancy using certain medication combinations. In the process, Mifeprex and Cytolog are the two medical abortion medications used for safely ending an unwanted pregnancy. You can take the first medicine orally with water. This medicine takes around 24 hours to loosen the embryo from the uterus after which you can take the second medicine for the rest of the abortion procedure. You can take this pill either by keeping it the cheek pouches or in the vagina.


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How Many Times can a Women have a Medical Abortion in Life

Abortion in Life



Medical abortion is a process which involves taking abortion medicines such as Mifeprex and Cytolog and ending an unwanted pregnancy up to nine weeks of pregnancy gestation. While women are always advised to have protected sexual intercourse, it can happen that they get accidentally pregnant in uneventful circumstances.


Since reaching a safe medication for pregnancy termination has become easy, women are availed with abortion pills online every time they get unwanted pregnancy. Though most of them are concerned about their health as safety in multiple abortions is questioned, they believe that continuing the pregnancy can worsen their life. Hence, this blog sheds light on the safety of medical abortion procedure more than once.


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Why Women Choose Self Home Abortion Instead of Clinic Abortion

Women Prefer Safe abortion at home



Surgical abortion procedure when women end the pregnancy through suction or dialation methods at abortion centers. Medical abortion is when women end the pregnancy using pills such as Mifeprex and Cytolog. Mifeprex detaches the pregnancy from the uterus and Cytolog abortion pill ejects its tissues from the body. Surgical pregnancy termination can abort the pregnancy within a day while the medical abortion procedure


It is a non-invasive method:


A surgical pregnancy termination indeed helps women end the pregnancy using in a short time, however, the procedure involves the use of surgical instruments to remove pregnancy contents from the body.


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What Should you know Before using Abortion Pills

Symptoms after taking Abortion Pills


Abortion pills are not over-the-counter pills that any woman can buy them and end the unwanted pregnancy. It has certain reasons behind them which are in the interest of women’s health. Hence women are requested to understand gain information on medical abortion before they undergo the pregnancy termination procedure. Here are a few questions which women may get before purchasing the medicines.


Where can you get abortion pills?


If you are looking to buy abortion pill kit online, there are a few websites which can help you buy Mifeprex pills online along with the other medications involved.


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Buccal Or Vaginal Which is the Safest way to Consume Abortion Pills

Process to Intake Abortion Pill



For a successful medical termination of pregnancy, you have to take Generic RU 486 along with Cytolog or you can simply take MTP kit Online for your medical pregnancy termination. While most women find Generic RU 486 consumption simple, there’s still confusion on the consumption of the other abortion pill involved in the process. This blog explains the different methods of Cytolog consumption and which one is considered as a safe method of administering abortion pills.


How do you take buccal Cytolog?


This is a simpler method among the two. In this, you have to take abortion pills by keeping them in your cheek pouches. Cytolog abortion pills can take time to get resolved. Hence, medical experts suggest you keep them in the cheek pouches for at least half an hour. After 30 minutes of keeping the pills in the cheek pouches, you can gulp down the pill if there are any remainders. Since you have to take 4 pills of Cytolog, you can keep 2 medicines each side and let them dissolve with the help your saliva.


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How do Women Feel After an Abortion

Emotion After Abortion

Most women feel relieved after undergoing an abortion procedure while some feel tensed. Research has shown that more than 70% of women feel relieved and stress-free after a an abortion procedure. Pregnancy termination has also happened save some women from going to depression like issues. Safe Abortion Rx team conversed with a few of its abortion pill users to understand how they felt after the whole process. Here’s what we found.


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What is Ovulation Understanding Ovulation Period Cycles

Ovulation Calculator



To understand your ovulation period and cycle, you should make efforts to regularize your menstrual cycle. The ovulation period largely depends on the menstrual cycle and hence can take place anywhere between 12-18 days after the last menstruation. Ovulation typically takes place around the 14th day after your last menstrual period. Some of the pharmacies also have the accurate ovulation calculator where you can calculate your ovulation day.

Ovulation takes place when the egg in the ovaries are released for the process of fertilization. In this, the ovaries release an egg which passes through the fallopian tube. That’s where fertilization can take place post sexual intercourse. When you have Sexual intercourse, sperms entered from the ejaculation can reach the released eggs. With this, the woman can have more chances of getting pregnant. This is called ovulation wherein the egg is more likely to get fertilized after meeting the sperm. This further grows an embryo, thereby the woman having a pregnancy.


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What is the Most Important Information I should know about Mifeprex

Info on Mifeprex


Before you perform an abortion with self-administered Misoprostol pills, it is very important to stop the fetal growth. This part of pregnancy termination process is carried out by anti-progesterone medicines. Mifeprex and Mifepristone early abortion pills are known to be used first for this part. If you’ll look at the list of medical abortion Pills approved by the FDA in the USA, Mifeprex is one of them. Hence, most women have a safe abortion with pills like Mifeprex.


What is Mifeprex and how can you get Mifeprex Pills online?


Mifeprex is a pregnancy termination medicine which most medical experts suggest in the process of medical abortion. The pill stops the development of the pregnancy. Mifeprex pills are generally made available at an affordable cost. This abortion pill online can be taken at home along with the other pregnancy termination pills and end the pregnancy.


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Which is the Best Abortion Method Abortion Pill or Surgery

Best Abortion Method


Choosing between medical abortion and surgical abortion can be tricky at times. Women who are economically poor blindly go with the medical abortion option. However, there’s more to just economical bar while deciding the method of pregnancy termination. This blog explains both procedures and helps you make the decision on the method of abortion.


Surgical Abortion:


Surgical abortion is a safe procedure of ending an unwanted pregnancy of first or second trimester. Most women prefer this method when they plan to end the pregnancy which has crossed 9 weeks already. In this method, surgical instruments are used to remove pregnancy contents from the body. It is done through either suction or dilation techniques.

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