Which is the Best Abortion Method Abortion Pill or Surgery

Best Abortion Method


Choosing between medical abortion and surgical abortion can be tricky at times. Women who are economically poor blindly go with the medical abortion option. However, there’s more to just economical bar while deciding the method of pregnancy termination. This blog explains both procedures and helps you make the decision on the method of abortion.


Surgical Abortion:


Surgical abortion is a safe procedure of ending an unwanted pregnancy of first or second trimester. Most women prefer this method when they plan to end the pregnancy which has crossed 9 weeks already. In this method, surgical instruments are used to remove pregnancy contents from the body. It is done through either suction or dilation techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Abortion

FAQ on Pregnancy termination


Safeabortionrx made a list of questions which are frequently asked by women. We are safeabortionrx wish to help women understand the procedure of medical pregnancy termination through the following frequently asked questions by women across the world.


What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion is when a woman with up to 63 days of pregnancy has an abortion with the help of pregnancy termination medication.


Is medical abortion a safe method to end Early pregnancy?

As approved by the Food and Drugs Administration of the USA, Mifepristone and Misoprostol which are the drugs used in the process, medical abortion is known to be a safe method of ending the first-trimester pregnancy.


When can we perform a medical abortion?

To be eligible to have a medical abortion, (1) Your age should be 18+ (2) Your pregnancy should be up to 9 weeks of gestation (3) The pregnancy should be normal and not ectopic. (4) You should have a prescription of abortion pills from a genuine gynecologist.


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Early Pregnancy Abortion Methods

Early Abortion Pills

Abortion procedures during early pregnancy are for the first trimester pregnancies. Which are: (1) Medical Abortion and (2) Surgical Abortion. While one can have a medical abortion up to 9 weeks of gestation of pregnancy, a surgical abortion can be performed for pregnancies more than 9 weeks of pregnancy.


Medical Abortion:


Medical abortion is a procedure where medication is used to end an unwanted early pregnancy.  The abortion pills with which you can end your early pregnancy are of two types. In the first type, Mifepristone, Mifeprex, Generic RU 486 are some of the FDA approved medications used in the process. In the second type, women have options such as Misoprostol ( Which is a famous one) and Cytolog. Both pills are approved by the FDA for ending an unwanted pregnancy. Finding these tablets at pharmacies is very easy. You can even buy abortion pills online and receive them at your doorstep.


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Medical Abortion Stories Women Share Their Experiences

Sharing Abortion Experience


The perspective of people about medical termination of pregnancy can be different. This piece of the article shares some experiences of women who underwent medical abortion procedure as they were stuck in different circumstances.

Abortion Stories

Amelie Howells


It was after I celebrated my first valentines night. I lost my virginity that night. I didn’t know that my valentines celebration would take me to the bedroom. I guess we both weren’t prepared. It was all spontaneous. When I came to know, we both panicked but I had read about medical abortion on SafeAbortionRx website quite a few months ago. So I decided to order pills from this online pharmacy. The procedure was completely new for us. I didn’t even have any person to ask how the procedure would be. And if it is going to be painful. The only reliable person at that point in time was the live chat person! Honestly, the team did help me really well. I am only 22 and yet I could abort the pregnancy without anyone’s help was the best thing about me and my boyfriends’ experience.

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Sexual Intercourse After Medical Abortion

Sexual Intercourse facts


We have always supported our customers even after the product purchase because we believe women healthcare is an ongoing process. Helping women improve their health after an abortion is a great pleasure for our team. Safe Abortion Rx team asked a few of its customers to share their experience of how it was like to return to the sexual relationship after having a medical abortion. Continue reading “Sexual Intercourse After Medical Abortion”

How Can You Prevent Pregnancy Complication Problem?

The feeling that a life is growing with you, is a part of you is a wonderful feeling indeed. As beautiful as it seems, pregnancy is also a delicate thing. Hence, you must make yourself aware of all the possible pregnancy complications that may occur. While you look after the baby inside you, you should neither ignore your health issues if any.

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Abortion Effectiveness in Early Pregnancy With MTP Kit Pill

Before one buys the abortion pill, she should be pretty sure of being eligible to have the abortion process. Certain conditions are required to be fulfilled before attempting the process.


Any prior condition of liver and kidney difficulties can lead to future issues of complications. Furthermore, blood clotting diseases and uncontrollable bowel conditions even prove to be major concerns if one has been diagnosed earlier. The medical history accounting to cell diseases and muscle dystrophy even should be treated with care and precaution.

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From Where can I get the best pregnancy termination pill online at Discount price?


Abortion is described as a purposely pregnancy termination process. One can get the abortion pill at online pharmacies using prescriptions. The process of getting an abortion done with the help of medicine is a serious step when considered the choice of the attempt. It may affect the reproduction process of the woman and at times lead to some issues of further complication.

As a matter of effectiveness, it should be attempted with positive influence. Ordering Abortion Pill Online is one of the safest ways to have a medication abortion done. There is an instance in the life of every woman where continuing pregnancy is not possible further. This can be due to financial reasons or even some medication instances. Nevertheless, the decision is sorely needed from the individual point of view and must be followed on with a healthcare administrative.

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4 Reasons Why Woman Should Have an Orgasm Every Day


When it comes to physical health aspects, having orgasms is good. There are many benefits of orgasms for women, which if they have regularly can make them for immense pleasure. Furthermore, the orgasms give them a grasp of hormones which is of great power for women.

The benefit of women for having orgasms is dependable on the priority. Orgasms add pleasure and even a lot of vitality to their energy flow. This adds up to more creativity and an enhanced mood, with less of diverged swings. Online pharmacy offers clinic online for women who want to access various options and items for self-pleasure.

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Complete Your Abortion using Medical Method

Abortion with Medical Pills


Among several common reasons of abortion all over the globe, the major reason for an abortion is when a pregnancy is unplanned. These type of situations demand the use of abortion pills. Women often rely on abortion pill online FDA approved, to get into the safer side of the process. Terminating a pregnancy, mostly in the teenager is not easy and it is required to use the right combination of pills within the right time frame. The first pill, Generic Mifepristone is available in various brands like Mifeprex, and RU-486, which can be obtained online. Continue reading “Complete Your Abortion using Medical Method”