Why Abortion pills should be everywhere ?

Though the rules and regulations have changed for medical abortion, many people in society still disregard the process of pregnancy termination. They fail to understand the reasons. Most women shy away from buying abortion pills in the local pharma store. However, taking safe abortion pills online has helped them to opt for medical pregnancy termination freely.

This blog helps you understand why abortion pills should be made available everywhere. 

There are many reasons why women have to abort a pregnancy. Of course, opting for pregnancy termination should not indicate that you can be careless. However, you must make unwanted stand the situation of a woman who is facing an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy problem. Below reasons give a better view. 

Financial problems: 

Giving birth to a child is never easy, but there’s something even more difficult. Raising a child! In this, financial hurdles can be endless for a couple who’s trying to get financial settle. Hence, they wait and take the time to start the family finally. It is one of the most common reasons for abortions in the US, UK and several other areas. 

Health concerns: 

Health concerns can create health complications for a woman. If you are someone who’s pregnancy has complications, abortion is perhaps the safe choice to make. After you consult a healthcare provider, he can guide you to select the method of terminating your pregnancy. If the pregnancy is ectopic, medical abortion may not be suitable for you, but surgical abortion can help solve the issue. 


Being ready to start a family is not a physical thing alone. There are various aspects. When you’re pregnant, couples are expected to be emotionally & physically ready for the situation and raising the baby. Other priorities can make the woman think twice for continuing the pregnancy and starting a family. In such cases, pregnancy termination is often preferred. 

Unhealthy practices of abortion: 

Abortion is viewed as a solution to unwanted pregnancy. Even if the regional regulations do not allow women to abort the pregnancy, women do involve in such practices. In fact, such cases make them go in the wrong direction. 

Since they try to hide the whole unwanted pregnancy and abortion situation, all they are left with is wrong abortion practices. There have been cases where women were fooled with improper pregnancy termination methods as they desperately needed to abort the pregnancy. Some of such instances turned out to be fatal and brutal.

What can be done? 

  • Talk to women who are facing unwanted pregnancy problems. Also, you can speak to the ones who have had an abortion before. 
  • Help them understand the safe methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. 
  • If you come across any woman who is struggling to buy abortion pill kit online, help them out!
  • Women should be taught the importance of safe and protected sexual intercourse. This way, they can reduce the number of unwanted pregnancy; hence, the number of abortions.  

Once you understand the real reason why women wish to abort the pregnancy, changing the regulations can be done. At least, society should take initiatives to fight against unfair laws which do not let women perform safe abortions.