What Should I Eat And Drink During the Abortion Procedure?

  Having a medical abortion with pills can come with a lot of queries such as where to buy abortion pills? How do I use the pills? What are the risk and complications of abortion pills? Etc. These questions are basic and require a little analysis ahead. However, among these questions, one important question arises during the abortion process is what food items to eat and drink during the abortion procedure? The answer to this is simple: you can eat and drink as you want but you have to avoid a few things when having a medical abortion you can ask your medicinal practitioner about what things to avoid during a medical abortion, however, there are some things you can drink or eat to take special care of yourself during a pregnancy termination. Below are some general recommendations for maintaining your body through the process.

Keep yourself Hydrated:

Keeping yourself hydrated is an essential part of the abortion process. You can opt for fruit juice, tea, a sports drink, keep the fluids coming, ginger drink, water, etc. Fatigue and dizziness are two common side effects of pregnancy termination that can be made more dangerous by dehydration. And to be more transparent alcohol does not keep you hydrated. Alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy termination.

Prevent yourself from Indigestion:

Another common ill-effect of the abortion process is Diarrhea. Your stomach may be delicate, so prevent eating foods that may source to indigestion. For some women, this means avoiding eating greasy or spicy meals until the abortion procedure is over.

Calm your stomach issues:

Nausea is a general symptom many women experiences while using abortion pills. Try to eat foods that do not cause nauseous feeling while you are on your pregnancy termination. Toast, soup, etc can all provide your body without contributing to stomach issues.

Keep your self warm:

Keeping yourself warm can help you to relax your muscles, which can lessen the pain and cramping. You can help your self by keeping your body warm by taking in some foods and drinks. Some good options are stews, teas, soups, etc. all are good for keeping you warm.

Iron-rich foods:

There’s no way to get out of it as abortion causes severe bleeding. To support and maintain your body during this process you should consider eating foods that are high in iron. This is primarily true if you already know that you are weak. Food such as fish, lentils, spinach, red meat, beans, chickpeas, and our most favorite- dark chocolate- are rich in iron. So you can eat this to maintain your body from becoming anemic (weak or ill).

Eat lots and lots of fruits:

Fruits and Fruit juices are always a big yes when it comes to a medical procedure. A similar case is while a pregnancy termination using safe abortion pills- Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Fruits such as apple, orange can help a lot to keep yourself healthy during the pregnancy termination procedure.