What things to consider before buying the abortion pills online?

There are multiple online pharmacies that sell abortion pills online. However, not every website is genuine or wishes to help women end an unwanted pregnancy. Too many online pharmacies are likely to confuse women. You may end up with a fraud website that does not offer safe medications. Hence, there are certain factors that need to look after while taking abortion pills from online sources. This blog answers all such doubts and concerns. If you considered the following factors while buying abortion pills online, you’d get to know what is the best place to buy MTP kit and end your pregnancy successfully. The following are the things that you need to consider while taking abortion pills from online pharmacies. The points will guide you to the right pharmacy available on the internet, offering safe and effective medicines for abortion.

FDA approval:

Mifepristone, Mifeprex, Misoprostol, Cytolog are some of the FDA approved medications for successful pregnancy termination. When you buy MTP kit online or any other abortion pills online, ensure that they are approved by the FDA. Do not buy any medications which do not hold any recognition by the health authorities.


The price of abortion pills can be different on each website. You can compare the prices of medications offered by different online pharmacies and choose the one which goes as per your budget. Though the price can influence your decision, you must make sure that it is not the only factor considered when buying abortion pills. Not all cheap medicines are safe on the internet. When you undergo a medical abortion procedure, the safety of the pills is an important concern for the success of the procedure.


Reviews tell you the exact feedback of the website. If there’s any fraudulent case, you can see it through the reviews, be warned. On the other hand, good reviews can guide you to the safe purchase of abortion pills. Some women even describe their personal experience while undergoing the medical abortion procedure. It further helps you to be better prepared for the medical pregnancy termination procedure.

Tracking ID:

If the website offers transparency in its services, it will provide a tracking ID while shipping the abortion pills. Hence, before you make payment for the abortion pills, ensure that the website offers a tracking ID. It will help you track the products and make sure that the pills are coming on time, as promised.

Look and feel:

The look and feel of the website can also be an important factor when choosing the online pharmacy. See how the information is given about the medications. If possible, go through every section of the website, especially the terms and conditions part. That’s where you get to know the website better.

Customer care:

Sometimes, the look and feel of the website can give genuine vibes, but still, we get doubts regarding the authenticity of the website. Hence, it is better if we spoke to the customer care team personally. By talking to them, we can clear our doubts and be assured of the service and medications provided by them.