What Should you know Before using Abortion Pills

Symptoms after taking Abortion Pills

Abortion pills are not over-the-counter pills that any woman can buy them and end the unwanted pregnancy. It has certain reasons behind them which are in the interest of women’s health. Hence women are requested to understand gain information on medical abortion before they undergo the pregnancy termination procedure. Here are a few questions which women may get before purchasing the medicines.

Where can you get abortion pills?

If you are looking to buy abortion pill kit online, there are a few websites which can help you buy Mifeprex pills online along with the other medications involved.What happens if I take an abortion pill and I’m not pregnant?

When you are not pregnant and yet consume the pregnancy termination medicines, it may not harm your health, however, you may experience the side effects of abortion pills such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc.

What happens if you eat before a medical abortion?

It is okay to eat before consuming the abortion pills, however, make sure that you do not consume fat-loaded foods. Such food may interfere with the working of the pills and take a longer time to show results.

How is an incomplete abortion treated?

If you have followed the instructions given for the medical abortion procedure, you are most likely to experience a successful medical termination of pregnancy. However, in rare cases where abortion pills are not effective enough to end the pregnancy, the incomplete abortion can be terminated again using surgical instruments. Visit your nearest clinic and consult a gynecologist for any such case.

How do you know if you have an incomplete abortion?

Cramps in the abdominal area and bleeding from the vagina are the symptoms of medical pregnancy termination are the two symptoms if medical abortion which is expected to take place with every woman undergoing the procedure. If you do not experience either of the symptoms, it could be a sign of incomplete abortion.

How long after abortion will pregnancy symptoms go away?

A week or two after administering the abortion pills, the woman typically stops experience the pregnancy symptoms.

How long does the bleeding last after taking the abortion pill?

The bleeding should begin within 24-48 hours after you administer the second pill from the drug combination. This can continue from 2-6 days which largely depends on the gestation of the pregnancy.

What is the safest method of abortion?

Medical abortion and surgical abortion both methods are safe to end an unwanted pregnancy. However, Medical termination of pregnancy is more suitable for pregnancies up to 9 weeks of gestation. On the other hand, the surgical abortion method is suitable for pregnancies for more than 9 weeks.

When you should you not take the abortion pill?

You should not consume abortion pills if you have ectopic or multiple pregnancies. For women who are allergic to the components of the abortion pills should neither take the medication to end an unwanted pregnancy. You should consult your healthcare provider to understand more on the eligibility for taking the abortion pills.

Do abortions hurt?

Medical abortion involves effects such as cramps in the abdominal area which can make the process painful.