What Should You Eat And Drink While You are Taking The Abortion Pills

Thing to eat & drink while taking buy abortion pills

Women health mechanism is complex. When you buy abortion pills and administer them, they carefully remove pregnancy contents from your body through hormonal changes made. There are no restrictions on the food intake during the medical abortion procedure. You can eat food and drink fluids as per your normal meals. That said, it is always advised to eat light to let the medicines function smoothly in your body. Also, you may wish to eat light and drink more fluids due to the Misoprostol pills after effects such as nausea, vomiting etc. We’ll see in this blog what you should eat and what you should not.Veggies

Physicians suggest leafy veggies and fruits intake should be taken during the pregnancy termination procedure. Easily digestible food helps prevent some of the after-effects such as diarrhea etc. Iron-rich veggies help women regain the blood loss and make the health mechanism strong again.

Low-fat foods:

When you have foods with high fats, it creates hindrance in the working of abortion medicines. As a result, there may be a delay or improper functioning of medical pregnancy termination tablets. Though doctors advise to pamper yourself with your favorite food, make sure you do not eat something that makes the process difficult. Fat food is one such thing, it is advised to avoid oily and heavy food when undergoing a medical abortion.


Nonveg has proteins and hence you can have protein-rich seafood or meat. Try avoiding fried nonveg food during the procedure.

What should you avoid?

Women must take into account that drinking alcohol or smoking during the process of medical pregnancy termination can act as a hurdle in the abortion process. It may lead you to severe health risks. Hence, it is advised that women should not drink or smoke during or soon after the abortion procedure. You can restart it after 2-3 weeks.

If you have decided to buy Mifeprexonline and Misoprostol from an online pharmacy, the same website typically offers information on foods and drinks to be eaten during the process of medical abortion. The right food and right diet can help you recover from the medical termination of pregnancy.

Mifeprex and Misoprostol are considered to be one of the standard abortion pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The drug combination makes hormonal changes in the woman’s body through anti-progesterone and prostaglandin constituents present in them.

Within a few hours of taking both medicines, the woman starts bleeding and the body passes pregnancy tissues within a week or two. The entire process may take 8-10 days after which you can confirm the pregnancy status through a home preg test.