What is RU 486? How does it work?

What is RU 486 How does it work

RU 486 is an abortion pill which contributes to the medical abortion procedure. The pill contains anti-progesterone components. It is an effective medicine which is used for the termination of an unwanted pregnancy worldwide.

You can consult your healthcare provider to understand if you’re eligible for buying RU 486. The physicians typically ensure that the pregnancy is normal and the gestation period is not more than 63 days. Also, you should not allergic to the components of RU 486. If you fit into the criteria, you can abort the pregnancy at home using this pill in the pregnancy termination drug combination.


Where can you find it?

The abortion pill is easily available in the local stores. However, some regions may or may not have it, particularly in the remote areas. To avoid your time in finding abortion pills, you can simply find Generic RU486 online.


Administering the pill:

As you buy Generic RU 486 online, you should also be buying a prostaglandin abortion pill to complete the procedure. RU486 is the first medicine you will administer the medical abortion procedure. One pill of RU 486 with a power of 200 mg is enough to work on pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation.

You can take the medication orally with water. This pill has to be taken 24 hours before the consumption of second abortion medicine.


The working of RU 486:

The abortion pill makes hormonal changes in the body to stop the growth of the pregnancy. It has anti-progesterone constituents which fight with the hormones responsible for pregnancy growth.

As the pregnancy is stopped by the pill, it also detaches the fetus from the uterus.


The side effects:

There are no immediate side effects. The person may encounter continued symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. Most of the side effects in the abortion process are experienced after consuming the second abortion pill.


Can RU 486 end the pregnancy alone?

No. RU 486 alone cannot terminate an unwanted pregnancy alone. For a successful medical termination of pregnancy, the person has to consume another abortion pill having prostaglandin components. For this, you can speak to your healthcare provider. Most healthcare experts suggest abortion pills such as Misoprostol or Cytolog.

If you took RU 486 alone, then the pill may not be able to effectively remove pregnancy tissues from the body. For this, the uterus contractions have to be brought. Abortion pills such as Misoprostol and Cytolog do the job of removing pregnancy contents in the abortion procedure.