Medical Abortion Stories Women Share Their Experiences

Sharing Abortion Experience

The perspective of people about medical termination of pregnancy can be different. This piece of the article shares some experiences of women who underwent medical abortion procedure as they were stuck in different circumstances.

Abortion Stories

Amelie Howells

It was after I celebrated my first valentines night. I lost my virginity that night. I didn’t know that my valentines celebration would take me to the bedroom. I guess we both weren’t prepared. It was all spontaneous. When I came to know, we both panicked but I had read about medical abortion on SafeAbortionRx website quite a few months ago. So I decided to order pills from this online pharmacy. The procedure was completely new for us. I didn’t even have any person to ask how the procedure would be. And if it is going to be painful. The only reliable person at that point in time was the live chat person! Honestly, the team did help me really well. I am only 22 and yet I could abort the pregnancy without anyone’s help was the best thing about me and my boyfriends’ experience.Danielle M. Fannin

Being a mother of two, another pregnancy news quite shook me! My husband was not even rich enough to pay the expense of another family member. My healthcare at home was well taken care of. My husband has always been supportive of all my decisions. Be it my career or ending an unwanted pregnancy. We had an ultrasound and acknowledged that the pregnancy was normal and we were eligible for medical abortion. Our physician told us about SafeAbortionRx. Without giving a second thought, we bought Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The procedure was painful a bit but it wasn’t as I would have to face labor cramps. We could abort my pregnancy within 5 days.

Sherry J. Willey

I thought my pregnancy would take our relationship ahead for marriage but the news I heard from my partner was more of a shock than my pregnancy news surprise. He was bisexual! I didn’t know how to react to it. I respected his sexuality, but I was not okay with sharing my partner with some other man. I was also confused if I should continue this pregnancy. I felt gross and finally decided to end it with abortion pills. So there were two pills, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol Pill . Nothing really happened when I took Mifepristone but Misoprostol left me with bad stomach cramps and bleeding. I was relieved when I saw the blood clots passing. When I finally ended my pregnancy on the 8th day, I felt a sense of freedom. The abortion experience took away all my memories with my partner and I felt as I have moved on from the relationship. Hadn’t SafeAbortionRx help me, I couldn’t have aborted my pregnancy and move on in life!

Christy J. Malm

I understand that it was my fault in having unprotected sexual intercourse with my boyfriend but I didn’t really intend to get started with my family anytime soon. I was an idiot to have sex like that without the use of condom or birth control pills. Thankfully I don’t stay with my family and my roommate is a medical student. She showed how the medical termination of pregnancy happens. She even showed me the SafeAbortionRx website and how their team helps women to get away from an unwanted pregnancy. I aborted the pregnancy at home using Mifeprex and Cytolog. Both pills were pretty effective. I bought some birth control pills online from a different online pharmacy. I won’t say that everything went smoothly and nice because it didn’t! None the less, the pills did their job and helped me to get rid of the pregnancy.