How to Educate About Abortion

Information on Abortion

Be it medical termination of pregnancy or sexual health-related topics, today’s education system is failing to provide enough information on abortion to women across the world. As a result, abortion services and solution giving centers and websites fall short when trying to reach out to women to help them understand how to buy abortion pills, MTP kit like products.

This blog explains the medical abortion procedure and why is there a need to help women with abortion education.

What is the medical abortion procedure?

The medical pregnancy termination procedure involves ending an unwanted pregnancy using certain medication combinations. In the process, Mifeprex and Cytolog are the two medical abortion medications used for safely ending an unwanted pregnancy. You can take the first medicine orally with water. This medicine takes around 24 hours to loosen the embryo from the uterus after which you can take the second medicine for the rest of the abortion procedure. You can take this pill either by keeping it the cheek pouches or in the vagina.In a few hours, you expect to cramp and bleeding from the vagina. This is because the medicine ejects the pregnancy tissues from the body by producing contractions in the uterus. After up to a week of bleeding, the procedure gets complete on which you can confirm the status of pregnancy. Checking your pregnancy after 10 days can give you accurate results.

Why is there a need to educate women about abortion?

To let women know of the options that they have:

Women are unaware of the safe ways to end their unwanted pregnancy. In the urge to get a solution to their situation, they tend to take wrong or unsafe paths of abortion. If educated well, they can at least speak to their healthcare provider and get safe abortion pills for pregnancy termination.

To change the perception of society:

Different people have different views about the pregnancy termination procedure. People who are usually against the abortion procedure fail to understand the case scenario. Women who unintentionally become pregnant usually do not have a choice but to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. For this, society needs to understand that abortion is safe and it can help such women.

Abortion Medical Information & Resources

You browse different online pharmacies or women healthcare website to obtain information about safe medical pregnancy termination. There are some countries where abortion is legal and hence they can help women buy abortion pills online. Products like MTP kit are easily available at pharmacies. Once women understood the safe ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy, women can fight depressive situations of unwanted pregnancy. Be open about their abortion and help other women who are seeking solutions to their uneventful conception.

What are the ways of educating women?

Blogs and Articles by medical experts
Birth control and abortion seminars being conducted in colleges
Personal consultation by gynecologists
Women healthcare camps
Medical pregnancy termination information by online pharmacies

It is important to note that all efforts should be made to ensure that no woman takes wrong decisions which can lead to serious health concerns. Hence, educating women with proper guidance on safe methods of pregnancy termination and pregnancy prevention methods is important