How Can You Prevent Pregnancy Complication Problem?

The feeling that a life is growing with you, is a part of you is a wonderful feeling indeed. As beautiful as it seems, pregnancy is also a delicate thing. Hence, you must make yourself aware of all the possible pregnancy complications that may occur. While you look after the baby inside you, you should neither ignore your health issues if any.This blog warns you with pregnancy complications and helps you understand how you can prevent them.

The slowed down activity level:

The activity of the baby is something you need to have a check on. In case you find that the baby’s activity has suddenly been slowed down, you should consider seeing your doctor at the earliest. Before visiting the doctor, you can ensure if it is really a serious issue.

You can check your baby’s activity by drinking something cold. Once you drink it, you can lie down and check if the baby shows any reaction. You can count his kicks or any usual activity which it does but has stopped doing it. Visit the doctor if your baby doesn’t respond despite all efforts.

The early contraction in the third trimester:

When it’s the third trimester, the contractions in your body are a sign that it’s time for the child’s birth. If you happen to encounter the contractions earlier than expected, it may show preterm labor. At times, women misunderstand labor with false labor.

To understand the difference between the two, false labor contractions would not get intensified. Also, such false labor pain does not last longer than an hour.

Water breaking:

Women who are pregnant for the first time would naturally not have any idea how water breaks in pregnancy. In such cases, most women misunderstand that their urine leakage is water breaking. This happens because your enlarged uterus puts pressure on the bladder. As a result, you encounter urine leakage issues.

If you wish to understand the difference between the two, you can simply empty your bladder. Even after urinating, if the fluid doesn’t stop, it suggests that it’s nothing else but water breaking.

The aforementioned are some of the signs which you must watch out. For women who do not wish to have a baby should not take it long until the third trimester. In such cases, you can have an induced abortion with the help of abortion pills.