7 Important Stages You Should Know About Abortion?

After years of putting a curse on your monthly cycle, you would be more tensed if it hasn’t come. You might check your period tracker and yes, you may find out that you are definitely late. Plus, if it is missed completely and you feel nauseous too then it can be a reason to worry as you may not be ready for a baby. The second thought that would come into your mind will be abortion, and it can sometimes be a tough decision and you might overcome a range of emotions. So here are some of the important stages you need to know about before going on an abortion.

                                 Stage One

You should visit a general practitioner of a sexual health clinic and get your self consulted and speak to your general practitioner about your thoughts on abortion.

                                Stage Two

After 5 days of seeing your medical practitioner, you will have an appointment with your medical practitioner. This appointment includes the following:
  • Confirmation of the pregnancy and pregnancy period
  • Assessing if any further procedure such as STI testing shall be needed
  • Discuss whether you want a medical abortion or surgical abortion

                                  Stage Three

If you choose medical abortion then it takes place in 2 parts. Once you buy abortion pills online,  On the first day, you will be given Mifepristone 200 mg pill to swallow. Mifepristone helps to block the hormone which is necessary for pregnancy to advance. So the pregnancy will discontinue in this stage. However, you will be required to take another pill named Misoprostol both the medicines are available in combination so you can buy MTP Kit online to get both the pills in one pack.

                                      Stage Four

This appointment generally takes place within 24 to 48 hours and this time you will be given Misoprostol, which is from the prostaglandin category. This will either be consumed buccally (which needs to be kept in the cheek pouches or under the tongue) or vaginally (by inserting the pills in the vagina). This medicine causes the lining of the womb to break down and you will start experiencing bleeding and cramps. The abortion procedure is started with bleeding -similar to a miscarriage. If your gestation is less than 8 weeks along, then your procedure may not have any severe complications. However, if the gestation period more than there might be some complications.

                                     Stage Five

After taking both the pills successfully, it takes 4-6 hours to show its effect, for some women it might take more time. When the bleeding begins, it can continue for a few days and it could also involve spotting for a few weeks. Do not get frightened if during this procedure you observe pregnancy tissues and clots that are in the size of a lemon. As with this, you may experience cramps like period. You can ease it with the help of a hot water bag, or take a pain reliever.

                                      Stage Six

You might be said to come for a follow-up appointment to confirm that the abortion procedure is complete and to assess how well are you recovering.

                                     Stage Seven

You should come back to normal menstruation within 6 weeks.  Your fertility comes back to normal soon after an abortion so if you do not want to get pregnant again it is important to get good contraception recommended by your medical expert to avoid future unwanted pregnancies.