Abortion Pill – How Safe It Is?


Though an abortion ‘pill’ is known to be famous for ending an unwanted pregnancy, it not one pill alone that terminates the pregnancy. The abortion pill is a medical combination of 2 medicines. (1) Mifepristone (2) Misoprostol. As the medical abortion procedure allows women to end the pregnancy at home, people around the world question the safety involved in the procedure.

This blog helps understand how the medical abortion procedure is safe to perform even at home. Continue reading “Abortion Pill – How Safe It Is?”

What is the Best Age To Get Pregnant

Right age for Pregnancy

There’s no specific “best” age for getting pregnant because pregnancy is more than a physical thing. You have to be physically, emotionally and mentally ready to raise a baby and start a family. The average age of first pregnancy in the US is said to be 25. While family planning is important, an unwanted pregnancy situation occurs without alarming you before. Online internet pharmacy store safeabortionrx helps women know their options if they get into unwanted pregnancy situation.

Age Group: 20-24

This is a period when you’re most fertile. Your menstruation is most likely to be regular and ovulatory. The chances of getting pregnant are more with unprotected sexual intercourse. Having said that, this is an age where women are emotionally unprepared to raise a baby and hence prefer taking pregnancy prevention measures while having sexual intercourse.

Age Group 25-29

If you are maintaining your diet & health, you remain most fertile in this phase too. Staying fit especially helps to be in shape even after delivery. It is believed that getting pregnant and starting in this age group can decrease the chances of breast cancer. In terms of emotions, earlier this age group was known to as family-to-be group. However, today’s woman endeavors to be financially settle in her late 20’s. As a result there’s a slight shift in the age group at which women start their family. If you unintentionally conceive, instead of cursing your fate or decisions, you can start looking for a solution quickly. Most women with an unwanted pregnancy prefer to buy abortion pills and undergo an abortion procedure at home.

After  Group  30:

Fertility of a woman begins to decline as she crosses 30. Since this is a gradual process, it, of course, does not happen overnight. If you are trying to get pregnant at this age, you can consider speaking to your doctor to know your ovulation period. There are slightly lower chances of normal pregnancies. Having said that, if you’re looking after your health, you will not face any problem in getting pregnant. Since women in this age group are mostly married and almost settling in their life, they plan to start their family.

Age group 35-39

The rate at which fertility declines at this age group is steep. Women can face difficulties in getting pregnant. Women who are completely fit and healthy are no exception for this case. Hence, medical experts suggest begin trying at the earliest if you wish to become pregnant while in falling in this age group.

After 40 age group:

Most women reach their perimenopause phase as they cross 40. You are least fertile during this stage. Even if you get pregnant, the risks and complexity involved in this age group can be high. If you are in a phase where women are expected to be fertile and still facing problems in conceiving, you should consult a doctor. It should not take longer than a year to get pregnant. Seek help if you are struggling despite trying for more than 12 months.

How Soon After an Abortion Can You Get Pregnant

Pregnancy after abortion

Most women who get their pregnancy ended are not always against getting pregnant or raising a child. At some point in time, they wish to get pregnant again. However, an abortion experience can make them anxious while trying to get pregnant again. If you are wondering if is it hard to get pregnant after abortion, it is not.

This blog sheds light on pregnancy after an abortion experience.

What happens to your body after an abortion?

Whichever method you choose for terminating your pregnancy, you get back your fertility soon after you undergo the pregnancy termination procedure. When you plan to conceive soon after your abortion procedure, what matters the most is how you performed the procedure. Hence, whenever choosing abortion clinics for your pregnancy termination surgery, make sure it’s genuine and safe to undergo. Same is the case with medical abortion. Since a lot of women choose an online pharmacy option to buy abortion pill kit online, it is advised that they choose it wisely after reviewing the website thoroughly. It is equally important to ensure that you have understood the whole procedure as with medical abortion, it is you who administers the pills and undergo the procedure on your own.

How long does it usually take to get pregnant?

You get your menstrual periods within a month or two. Do not mistake the post-medical-abortion bleeding for your menstrual bleeding. The bleeding involved in the process is a result of prostaglandin components in the abortion medicine which help remove the pregnancy contents from the body. In both methods of abortion, physicians advise not to immediately have sexual intercourse to avoid any kind of infection or other health concerns that may arise. The risks of infection are more with the case of surgical termination of pregnancy. You can begin trying to conceive within 2 weeks after your menstruation begins. Learn your ovulation period and plan your pregnancy accordingly. Its success may vary as per individual.

How does medical abortion impact your future pregnancy?

The side effects of medical abortion are temporary in nature and hence none of them affect your future pregnancy. There’s isn’t enough material on how medical abortion can result in complications in pregnancy. Also, women who have had medical termination of pregnancy in the past were able to conceive with a normal pregnancy & its delivery. There’s were rare cases of ectopic pregnancy which showed no correlation with the procedure of medical abortion.

When is it safe to get pregnant after an abortion

Any time that you are physically and emotionally ready to conceive is perhaps the best time to get pregnant after an abortion. You are as fertile as you were before even though you have had a pregnancy termination experience. Similarly, if you do not wish to get pregnant, soon after an abortion, you should not forget to use contraception when getting involved in sexual activities. If compared between surgical abortion and medical abortion, there are fewer chances of pregnancy complication in medical abortion cases.

Abortion: My Right and My Choice

My body my choice

There’s a debate between pro-life and pro-choice people which never ends. Though pregnancy is a completely personal matter, society forms its opinion which becomes debatable among themselves. When a woman gets pregnant, it’s her part of the body and hence she has complete right to decide how to deal with her pregnancy. For many women, an unwanted pregnancy can be a depressing situation and hence it is natural to opt for a solution which helps them come off the depressive phase. Continue reading “Abortion: My Right and My Choice”

How can my Diabetes Affect me During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that occurs due to high blood sugar level. Diabetes during pregnancy can create certain complications for both you and your baby. You can speak to your healthcare provider about diabetic pregnancy symptoms and stay alert for the same. For any medications that your doctors suggest for gestational diabetes, you can easily get them through an online pharmacy.

Diabetes and Pregnancy

It is important that you take care of yourselves every single day. Subsequently, during pregnancy you have to be even more careful with your health as it is just not about your health but your baby’s too. Hence, even the level of sugar has to be in the normal range for both of your health. Ideally, the level of sugar after fasting should be between 4.0 mmol/L to 5.5. mmol/L while it should up to 7.0 mmol/L after having meal.

As you conceive, there is a little risk of possible complications of high sugar level which can affect your kidney, eye or at times, your blood pressure. You need to have regular check ups and get help if there’s any alarming change in the sugar level.

Diabetes does not just affect women but it can have health concerns to the newborn as well. A diabetic pregnant woman can deliver a baby with a larger face than average or it may include other birth defects. Premature birth is one of the results of diabetic complications. You can reduce the negative impact to a considerable extent if you learned how to control diabetes.

Here are a few suggestions for diabetic women.

Consider taking folate when you are planning for a pregnancy.
Before you plan your pregnancy, consult a doctor.
Observe your sugar levels in the blood.
Understand what is pregnancy diabetes diet and plan it accordingly.
Do not smoke or drink while planning to get pregnant.
Inform your doctor for any other medications that you may be on.
Maintain a healthy weight.

Delivery and birth:

Constant checkups with your doctor during pregnancy are crucial for the birth of your baby. You may have to cut down on your sugary meals and foods. If you managed to control your sugar levels, your baby baby have a full term birth. However, if there are still highs or lows in your sugar level, it may have an early birth. After you deliver the baby, your gynecologist monitors it closely so that to ensure there are not any complications of health concerns as a result of diabetic issues. In some healthcare centres, babies are taken to special care nursery for a couple of days. Speaking of breastfeeding, you’ll be allowed to feed your baby in most cases. Diabetes does not typically have any negative impact on breastfeeding. However, you can still consider speaking to your doctor to reassure about you breastfeeding the child. There are rare chances that your baby may also have diabetes due to diabetic pregnancy. However, this does not happen with everyone as it is a rare case

How to Educate About Abortion

Information on Abortion

Be it medical termination of pregnancy or sexual health-related topics, today’s education system is failing to provide enough information on abortion to women across the world. As a result, abortion services and solution giving centers and websites fall short when trying to reach out to women to help them understand how to buy abortion pills, MTP kit like products.

This blog explains the medical abortion procedure and why is there a need to help women with abortion education.

What is the medical abortion procedure?

The medical pregnancy termination procedure involves ending an unwanted pregnancy using certain medication combinations. In the process, Mifeprex and Cytolog are the two medical abortion medications used for safely ending an unwanted pregnancy. You can take the first medicine orally with water. This medicine takes around 24 hours to loosen the embryo from the uterus after which you can take the second medicine for the rest of the abortion procedure. You can take this pill either by keeping it the cheek pouches or in the vagina. Continue reading “How to Educate About Abortion”

How Many Times can a Women have a Medical Abortion in Life

Abortion in Life

Medical abortion is a process which involves taking abortion medicines such as Mifeprex and Cytolog and ending an unwanted pregnancy up to nine weeks of pregnancy gestation. While women are always advised to have protected sexual intercourse, it can happen that they get accidentally pregnant in uneventful circumstances.

Since reaching a safe medication for pregnancy termination has become easy, women are availed with abortion pills online every time they get unwanted pregnancy. Though most of them are concerned about their health as safety in multiple abortions is questioned, they believe that continuing the pregnancy can worsen their life. Hence, this blog sheds light on the safety of medical abortion procedure more than once.

Before we understand how multiple abortions can have an impact on a woman’s health, it is important to know the medical abortion procedure. When you take the Mifeprex abortion pill, there are hormonal changes going on for the next 24 hours. During this period, the pregnancy development is stopped and it is detached from the womb. On day 2 of the medical abortion procedure, you are asked to take the second pill, Cytolog. The second pill, prostaglandin pill again make a hormonal change in the body and expels the pregnancy contents from the body. For this, the Cytolg abortion pill contracts the uterine lining and brings in cramps in the abdominal area. The tissues are then removed from the body through heavy vaginal bleeding.

Medical abortion

After abortion is very important when it comes to highliting the healing part of the process. You have to follow the instructions such as not having sexual intercourse for the next few days or inserting anything in the vagina. You may also be told not to get invovled in physical activities which are intense and may put pressure on the vagina.

Is it safe to have multiple medical abortions

If you have taken care of your reproductive health in the previous abortion case, it is okay it should not become a major health concern to have multiple abortions. However, this does not mean that you can have unprotected sexual intercourse leading to a repeat unintended pregnancy and keep aborting the pregnancy again and again. Multiple abortions can hurt the vagina and affect the reproductive health of the woman. You can have maximum thrice medical abortion cases in your lifetime. Any additional cases of pregnancy termination can deteriorate the uterus and thereby affecting the future pregnancies.

It is advised that women use contraception method when having sexual intercourse. They can have birth control pills which help regulate the menstrual cycle and also prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Precaution is a better choice than aborting and putting pressure on the vagina.

Why Women Choose Self Home Abortion Instead of Clinic Abortion

Women Prefer Safe abortion at home

Surgical abortion procedure when women end the pregnancy through suction or dialation methods at abortion centers. Medical abortion is when women end the pregnancy using pills such as Mifeprex and Cytolog. Mifeprex detaches the pregnancy from the uterus and Cytolog abortion pill ejects its tissues from the body. Surgical pregnancy termination can abort the pregnancy within a day while the medical abortion procedure

It is a non-invasive method:

A surgical pregnancy termination indeed helps women end the pregnancy using in a short time, however, the procedure involves the use of surgical instruments to remove pregnancy contents from the body. Continue reading “Why Women Choose Self Home Abortion Instead of Clinic Abortion”

What Should you know Before using Abortion Pills

Symptoms after taking Abortion Pills

Abortion pills are not over-the-counter pills that any woman can buy them and end the unwanted pregnancy. It has certain reasons behind them which are in the interest of women’s health. Hence women are requested to understand gain information on medical abortion before they undergo the pregnancy termination procedure. Here are a few questions which women may get before purchasing the medicines.

Where can you get abortion pills?

If you are looking to buy abortion pill kit online, there are a few websites which can help you buy Mifeprex pills online along with the other medications involved. Continue reading “What Should you know Before using Abortion Pills”

Buccal Or Vaginal Which is the Safest way to Consume Abortion Pills

Process to Intake Abortion Pill

For a successful medical termination of pregnancy, you have to take Generic RU 486 along with Cytolog or you can simply take MTP kit Online for your medical pregnancy termination. While most women find Generic RU 486 consumption simple, there’s still confusion on the consumption of the other abortion pill involved in the process. This blog explains the different methods of Cytolog consumption and which one is considered as a safe method of administering abortion pills.

How do you take buccal Cytolog?

This is a simpler method among the two. In this, you have to take abortion pills by keeping them in your cheek pouches. Cytolog abortion pills can take time to get resolved. Hence, medical experts suggest you keep them in the cheek pouches for at least half an hour. After 30 minutes of keeping the pills in the cheek pouches, you can gulp down the pill if there are any remainders. Since you have to take 4 pills of Cytolog, you can keep 2 medicines each side and let them dissolve with the help your saliva. Continue reading “Buccal Or Vaginal Which is the Safest way to Consume Abortion Pills”